Tips for running in the summer

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Tips for running in the summer

When running its important we make changes to adapt to our environment. For example, if you run in winter, you may wear highly visible clothing and layers, but you wouldn’t do the same for the summer. Running can be a passion for many people and we need to make sure your ready for the summer season.  If you are wondering how, you can go about getting ready for summer and how to keep cool then this is the right article for you as we are sharing some top tips for running in the summer and how to hack the heat.


Stay hydrated

In hot weather staying hydrated is one of the most important things to do. As its warmer your body loses more fluid, this is through sweat and the water we breathe out when taking a breath. Staying hydrated is important is it will replace these fluids you have lost. This will stop you from having that dehydrated feeling that is likely to affect your performance when running. Also, when under the correct hydration your body works more efficiently, and you will find things like your skin is better and your joints are more lubricated.

Although it is good to stay hydrated its important not to drink too much water. Drinking too much can lead to you feeling bloated and this will affect your running performance as you will feel heavier and less agile. Drinking enough can also help with the summer heat. The cool water should help to reduce your body temperature which can also improve your performance and give you more energy when running. This is due to water containing oxygen which is needed by muscles to make energy. So, staying hydrated means your body can get enough energy to your muscles.


Choose the right fit

When choosing workout clothes this can be hard. Many things need to be taken into consideration and the same applies to choosing appropriate clothes for running in the sun.  As its going to be warm you want something with good airflow as this will help the sweat evaporate and provide cool air to your skin to prevent it from getting too hot. As your running and you’re raising your temperature by doing this you need make sure you’re doing all you can to keep yourself cool. If not, you are at a higher chance of getting things like heatstroke or tiring more quickly. This can also cause headaches and other side-effects.

So, to not get too hot and help cool yourself in the summer you are looking for clothing that is breathable and can show off a bit of skin. However, showing too much skin can be harmful for your health if you haven’t taken the correct precautions. For example, covering up reduced the exposure of your skin from the suns rays which can cause skin conditions. We also need to think about the type of shoes you are wearing.  As your going to be getting sweaty it’s a good idea to look into some comfortable and breathable footwear. This allows airflow to reach your feet and can prevent things like athlete’s foot occurring which can be annoying and irritating for some.


Protect your skin

When its summer its important to protect your skin. This is the biggest organ in your body which is why its important to look after it. The suns ultraviolet rays can do damage to the skin and cause it to burn. This can reduce its elasticity and make it feel dry and aged. Although a tan may look good too much sun exposure is bad for your skin and increase your risk of a tumour or skin cancer in serious cases. This may be different for many people as some can get sunburnt quicker than others, but you should always keep your skin protected just in case and especially on days when the sun is intense.

One way of protecting your skin in by covering it with clothes. Although this works and stops the suns rays from touching your skin this adds another layer of clothing and can cause your body temperature to increase. Examples of clothing that may be used are hats to protect your face and log sleeve tops to protect your arms and upper body. Another option is sunscreen. This allows you to have your skin out and still be protected. A layer before your skin and the suns rays will also help to keep your body cooler. The only thing to remember is to make sure your sunscreen is strong enough to protect your skin.


Timing is key

In the summertime the mid-day sun can be the hottest point of the day. For this reason, it’s a good idea to try and avoid this sun at this time as you will find its going to be harder to run and your body temperature will rise a lot. So, when you’re deciding to go for a run or do any physical activity outside then you need to make sure you have the timing right. In the summer, the sun is usually less intense when its early in the morning or in the evening when the sun is setting.  Training at these times is a lot cooler then mid-day and your performance will benefit.

Also, it tends to cooler in the morning and evening. This means you will be able to have a nice refreshing run in the summery breeze instead of a heatwave that you’re likely to experience in the middle of the day. Also, you’re less likely to suffer from skin damage due to the sun. If your especially new to running, then this is also recommended as training mid-day is just going to make running your usual distance harder.


Start slow

This goes with many different styles and types of training, but it is important to start slow. Doing this will allow your body to ready itself for the workout you have ahead. For many this is called a warmup is recommended to do before your start your full exercise. This can help in the heat as starting slower will prepare your body for the conditions you are going to experiencing. As its hotter its pretty certain you will tire quicker and find it more difficult for you to complete your workout. So, starting slow will allow you to build up your intensity until you reach what you would normally be.

Hotter weather is known to put strain on your organs like your heart. When exercising your heart is also under pressure as it has to pump blood and oxygen to all your muscles. This stress on the heart can be damaging if suddenly experienced all at one time. For this reason, starting slower and giving your body and heart time to adjust and warm up is going to be beneficial for your long term health.


Get enough minerals

When it comes to your nutrition you should never deprive your body of the essential vitamins and minerals you may need. Your body uses vitamins and minerals for pretty much everything from digesting food to transporting nutrients around the body and they are essential for your health. In hot weather we can lose more minerals through our sweat, this means we need to make sure we are eating or supplementing enough so we make up for those lost during sweat. The minerals lost are things like calcium, potassium, and magnesium.

One way you may thing to replenish these nutrients is through energy drinks. However, these can be high in other things like caffeine and sugar that may make things harder in the sun. So, the recommended way to replenish the minerals and make sure you’re getting enough is through a good diet or taking a mineral or nutrient supplement. Having enough minerals is also going to improve your performance when running in the sun as your body can work at its optimum levels as it has all the things it needs.


Overall, with summer closing in your going to have to make some changes to cope with the changes in the weather. Now there are ways of coping in any climate, and you need to make sure you are ready for the hotter weather. Coping with the increase in temperature and sun exposure can be tricky so follow these basic tips for coping with the weather. The heat is no reason to give up on your training or goals and you should always try your hardest to train as this will benefit you more than missing a day.