What supplement to take for sexual health?

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What supplement to take for sexual health?

When it comes to what happens in the bedroom some people can be shy about it and not open up if they have a problem. An example of a problem is erectile dysfunction, which is an issue for many men, this can be caused by many things and can be helped by changing lifestyle and making healthier choices. Although a lifestyle change can help, there are a few extra things you can be doing that are going to help your sexual health and will make you and your partner feeling better.  These supplements can help everyone men and women alike and can clear many different sexual problems.



Fenugreek is a herb that is used in a lot of traditional Indian and chinse cooking.  It has also been used in many medicines and is still used for its many benefits to this day. One benefit of taking fenugreek is that it can improve the quality of breast milk in women to ensure it has all the essential nutrients. Fenugreek can also help control blood sugar levels, therefore making it good for people who suffer from diabetes. This is due to the herb being anti-inflammatory, which can also improve sexual health as it can increase blood flow, decreasing the chances of erectile dysfunction.

Another way this herb can help your sexual health is by increasing your libido and sex drive. This is due to fenugreek increasing your testosterone levels, which is the main sexual hormone in men and women. Having higher testosterone levels will make you more aroused and increase your desire and performance in the bedroom. There are also a lot of other benefits of having healthy testosterone levels like muscle gain and fat loss which can also improve performance in the bedroom.



Ginseng is a herb that in its original form is a fork shaped root with green leaves. This plant is native to Asia and America and offers many benefits to health, as it has been used in traditional medicines for many years. There are many ginseng supplements out there that use the extract from the root as this is more easily obtainable than the root itself and is also more convenient. One of the benefits of ginseng is that it can reduce inflammatory, which can reduce pain and decrease the chances of many diseases like cancer and heart disease.  Taking this can also help with erectile dysfunction as it can increase the nitric oxide levels in your body, which may be one of the reasons bloods isn’t rushing to that area.

Ginseng can also help with your libido. This means your sexual performance will increase as well as your drive. For this reason, ginseng is also known as an aphrodisiac. This herb can also help your body produce more and healthier sperm cells. This helps when trying for a baby as male infertility rates are higher now than they have ever been.  It improved the production and quality of sperm as it can regulate the hormones involved in sperm production.


Cocoa extract

Cocoa is everywhere from your cup of hot chocolate to your chocolate bar you may have at lunch. It may have not crossed your mind that the extract from the cocoa seeds can help your sexual health, but it can. For many years chocolate has been classed as an aphrodisiac which is one of the main reasons you usually give your crush a box of chocolates on valentine’s day. Cocoa is also good for blood flow and heart health. This can decrease the chances of developing erectile dysfunction as the main cause of this is when the blood going to the penis is limited, causing it not to get erect.

As well as being a god valentines’ gift for your girlfriend or partner, cocoa can also help with your libido. This is due to coco increasing the levels or serotonin and dopamine in your body making you happy and making you aroused. Low libido can be a common issue and can be down to many different things like stress which is probably the biggest sex drive killer and is something we unfortunately may experience on a daily basis. Low libido can also be caused by other things like not eating right or generally having poor health.



Tribulus is a small plant and is also known as a punctured vine. It has been used in traditional medicines for thousands of years. It is also a popular supplement that many people may take today and can help with things like blood sugar levels and cholesterol. It can also help with things like your immune system, inflammation and it can also have antidepressant effects. Another benefit if this supplement is that it can increase your sexual performance. It does this as its bee proven to increase libido in men and women alike and enhanced feelings of desire and arousal.

Although Tribulus can increase your sexual performance and libido, you may have though it can increase your testosterone, but this is not true.  As research on Tribulus is still limited we cant really see any long term side effects. There has been some research that that suggests this supplement may increase prostate weight in men. There is also a chance it can make your blood sugar levels dangerously low.


L – citrulline

L – citrulline is an amino acid that is produced naturally in your body and is also found in food like watermelon. There are many benefits to this amino acid, and a few include its use to treat heart failure and sickle cell disease. It can also help with high blood pressure and many other conditions. Your body uses this amino acid to produce another amino acid called L – arginine and nitric oxide. As we have said before nitric oxide can help with blood flow and therefore can improve things like erectile dysfunction.  It can also improve athletic performance as this amino acid is used to produce others, which can help with things like muscle growth and recovery.

This amino acid is found in many different foods. These include things like meat, legumes, nuts and watermelon. As this amino acid occurs naturally in your body there is a good chance that your levels are not low. However, if you have a illness or are sick the you levels for this amino acid may be low and they you need to make sure your getting enough either through your diet or by taking supplements.



Zinc is a nutrient that is important to our body as it is required for many bodily functions. It is an essential nutrient, and our bods can store or produce it so its important we are getting enough through our diet. This nutrient is responsible for things like immune function, protein synthesis, wound healing and general growth and development. If you’re wondering what foods contain zinc then there are many and very little foods contain no zinc. Foods that tend not to contain a lot of zinc are breakfast cereals, snack bars and baking powder.

When it comes to sexual health zinc is a mineral that can give you some help. One way this can be is by helping with erectile dysfunction as it will allow more blood to flow to the penis. It can also increase libido and hep with arousal. One way it helps is by improving your sense of smell, which can get your more in the mood when the time comes as our nose dictates a lot of what we may think. Zinc also ensures that your testosterone levels are health, and a zinc deficiency can cause low testosterone levels.


When it comes to supporting your sexual health, supplements are a great thing to look into. They are quick and easy and may contain things that may be harder to get through your diet or lifestyle. There are many different supplements that can help you with sexual problems, but we have just mentioned a few. Before taking any supplements, it would be wise to consult a medical professional before as they will be able to see if your problem may lie with something else.