What to look for in gym clothing

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What to look for in gym clothing

One thing that can be challenging for many, especially beginners, is finding the right clothing to wear in the gym. We have all experimented with different styles but can’t seem to find what works the best, if this is an issue you experience then look no further. In this article we are going to be sharing with you what you should be looking for in clothing you intend to train in and what can determine you get then most out of your gym clothing.

With the many kinds of sports clothing out there it can be difficult to make a decision on what is right for you. The first step to choosing some clothing is identifying what environment you are likely going to be exposed to. For example, indoor gym clothing is going to be different when compared to rugby clothing as thy are going to be experiencing different environments. The rugby clothing is going to be stronger and more hard wearing when compared to the gym clothing and will have layers of insulation to keep players warm while outside. The gym clothing will also be more open and may not be as tight as the rugby gear as the tighter fit allows players not to grab onto your clothing and tackle you.



One thing that is annoying is wearing clothing that is too restrictive and it effects your performance in the gym. So, when choosing some gym wear its important that you get something that allows you freedom to move without it being uncomfortable or causing you any issues. This type of clothing can also decrease your range of motion meaning you will be not getting the most out of your workouts. This can lead to you not making as much progress as you should be and not doing the full range of motion can also increase the risk of injury as this can lead to putting extra stress on joints and ligaments. Although half rep training is beneficial to increase your strength, doing it unintentionally can be bad.

Although clothing that is too tight can be harmful to yourself and workouts, wearing something that is slightly tighter can have some benefits. Compression clothing has many benefits, and this is the reason why most gym wear and sports wear is a compression fit. Compression clothing can reduce muscle soreness and can improve recovery as the tightness can cause high blood pressure around muscles which can speed up the muscle re building process.  Many compression fit cloths are also stretchy which can improve your flexibility and this eliminated the danger associated with looser clothing as there is a chance it can get caught or snagged in something.


Good air flow

One key feature that you training clothes must have is being breathable. Having good airflow will keep you cool and stop your body from overheating. Wearing clothes that help you cool down can improve the way you fell during workouts and will reduce you turning into a sweaty mess in the gym. There are many clothes out there that “wick” sweat and make it evaporate quicker. These allow sweat to be evaporated whereas usually it would be soaked into clothing making you feel uncomfortable.

When looking for clothing that has good airflow and is breathable then you need to pay attention to what the clothing is made of. For example, cotton which is used to make a lot of sports clothing on the market isn’t ideal when it comes to getting rid of sweat. This material is prone to adsorbing sweat and keeping it trapped in your clothes making them feel wet and heavy. The best type of material that provides good airflow and sweat wicking are the synthetic materials. There are often developed to keep your bod cool and provide maximum support for your movements. These synthetic fabrics like spandex and polyester have been engineered for this specific purpose and offer a wide range of benefits over there natural counterparts.


Something that you feel comfortable in

Probably the most important thing to consider when finding clothes to train in is finding something you feel comfortable in. This means clothes that are physically comfortable meaning they wont cause any pain or irritation and also clothes that you feel confident in and are not ashamed to wear when training.  This can improve performance as clothing you are comfortable in and give you confidence can put you in that training state of mind and can also possibly increase testosterone. There was a study that involved individuals wearing suits and tracksuits, this showed that cognitive thinking and testosterone levels were higher in those that made an effort with what they wore and where confident in it.

As well as fit colour can also have an effect on your performance. Certain colours may look better on you than others and wearing your favourite colours is likely to boost self-esteem and mood. Also the colour can help when it comes to heat regulation as darker clothes will usually make you feel warmer as they adsorb heat whereas lighter colours can keep you cooler. Certain colours are also known to change your mental and physical state. For example, red can increase your heart rate making it good for high intensity training wear as calm colours like blue can make you feel more relaxed.  Although the gym may not be a cat walk there are benefits of dressing well in the gym, putting in that little bit of effort can make a big difference to your training.


Do your research

One this that can prevent you from being disappointed by ordering the wrong type of clothing is to do your research. This includes looking at reviews and articles about the clothing. Here you are able to get another person’s opinion on the products and that will help you make a better judgment on whether it’s the right piece of clothing for you. Some clothing is also surprisingly low quality which can be a disappointment for many when you get something you was not expecting. Therefore you have to take things into your own hands and can’t just rely on advertising to get information on the products. Like many things you would purchase its best to do a little bit of research to avoid being disappointed

Doing your research on clothing can also help you determine if they are cost effective or not. Weighing up different product isn’t such a bad thing as it can stop you from paying too much for a product you can get cheaper somewhere else.


So in conclusion when it comes to choosing clothing to train in, there are many things to consider. Although just the basics in this article we have explained the key things that make good clothing to train in and what you should be looking for. With the many different types of sporting clothes on the market there is bound to be one that meets all your requirements, and you feel confident in. By following these steps you will be able to chose clothing that can increase your performance and leave you feeling like a god in the gym.