Why Bodybuilding is not for everyone

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Why Bodybuilding is not for everyone

For many people being a bodybuilder has been a dream since we were young and watching our favourite superhero or actor on the tv with there god like physique and immense strength. This is great as it creates a dream as a young child that is good for your health and wellbeing as well as making you look good. However, when we grow up and start to join the gym many of us soon realise bodybuilding isn’t for us and we would much rather prefer a different style of training. Although bodybuilding is a great sport that requires little to no talent, for some people this sprot can become overwhelming as there is more to thing about rather than hitting the gym. If you are wondering the reasons why people may quit their dreams of becoming world class bodybuilders and stop training then keep reading, as in this article we are sharing the different reasons why bodybuilding isn’t for everyone and why many people quit.


What is bodybuilding?

Bodybuilding has been around ever since man could pick up objects and put them down. This is a very common sport and refers to those who train with a goal of gaining muscle mass and strength. As the training usually evolves around weight training it comes to no surprise that many bodybuilders look like beasts in the gym and stand out in public as they have a higher muscle mass compared to your average joe. The goal of bodybuilding is to go for symmetry and a nice lean muscular look. So, for this reason bodybuilders are also low in fat when it comes to competitions.

However, bodybuilding like many sports goes deeper than training and a successful bodybuilder would have had to make many difficult decisions to get where they are now.  This sport can very much be a lifestyle as to get the best physique they have to follow a well thought out diet that allows them to put on muscle mass and minimal fat. There are also many other things that play a key part in bodybuilding like rest time, genes, and supplements. So, for those who though bodybuilding is just lifting and putting down weights then they would be wrong as there is more to this sport then initially meets the eye.


The cost

For many people the reason they may give up on their dreams is that bodybuilding can be an expensive sport and can leave you broke. The first cost comes from a gym membership which is not too bad as the average gym will probably cost around £20 a month. Well, if you thought that was it then you would be wrong as you then need to splash out on some workout clothing and maybe some accessories like gloves and a lifting belt to reduce your risk of injury. Depending on where you get them these will probably come to around £70 altogether. So now we are ready to enter the gym we are already £90 down. As you may have guessed that is not the costs out of the way. You better be ready to get you wallet out as you now have to buy healthy foods that can be expensive compared to the processed stuff on sale. To improve your performance, you also may want to take supplements that can also be expensive if you are getting them at the wrong place.

Although all the costs of bodybuilding can stack up, there are ways we can combat this and still get the same affects but on a budget. When it comes to food do not be scared to go for the saver options. Remember you are not getting the food for its brand or how much it costs but for its nutrients. For this reason, don’t be scared to check the label of some of the cheaper alternatives as you will find that many of them have similar nutritional information compared to the branded, more expensive stuff. Supplements can also be expensive so the best thing to do here would be to shop around for a good price. You could check out our Gymlabz store for great prices on supplements for whatever you needs may require. So, if you are finding bodybuilding to be expensive then you need to be shopping around for good deals or making cuts where necessary. For example, if I had a choice to cut out my supplements or not get the branded gym clothing, I would choose to get rid of the clothing as its not going to have a big impact on my performance and standard clothing should work just as well.


Time and dedication

One thing to remember that bodybuilding is a sport that like any other requires dedication and time. One thing that is key about bodybuilding is that the sport goes beyond the training. Although going to the gym and building your muscles is essential to bodybuilding, a lot of what you do outside the gym also matters to your gains, fat and overall wellbeing. For example, preparing and eating good and healthy food can be time consuming but to combat this we can meal prep and do all the cooking at once. This saves time as you don’t cook every meal individually but do them all at once and then split them out for the week. The time it takes to plan out and cook your meals can be enough to scare someone away from the sport as it can require a lot of time.

Also, the levels of dedication for this sport have to be high to see real results. For many newbies to bodybuilding being dedicated is something that can be difficult. As you are going to the gym and seeing everyone lift heavier than you it can be easy to lose motivation and dedication to the sport as results can be slow. Sometimes it can feel like you are giving it you all but are stuck at a roadblock. Also, if you’re not disciplined on the gym and the kitchen then you are also going to see results slower. Due to the sport being evolved around muscle mass you will also be required to rest and get adequate sleep, so you have time to grow back muscle mass. As this is the case the late nights may have to come to an end, which can mean missing nights out, which for some is too much dedication just to stay in shape.


It can be painful

When you lift weights, your muscles form micro tears and cells fill with lactic acid. This combination is the reason you are always aching after a gym session but for some the pain can be too much. Some people like to do a little bit of exercise and still be able to feel there legs the day after which is why they tend not to do bodybuilding. Being stiff and feeling muscular pain that can last up to three days after a workout is a reason why many people stop bodybuilding and go onto a more comfortable form of training. Although feeling this pain can be off putting its often a sign that you have given your muscles a good workout. Weightlifters are also more prone to joint pain as lifting weights puts pressure on your joints and ligaments making them more prone to injury.


Struggling to find what works for them

Many bodybuilders have different styles of training, diet and resting that they have proven works for them. Finding the right diet or training programme for you can be hard and you can find yourself trying a new one every month just to see what works for you. After around a year of switching between different training programmes and diets and seeing little to no results you may decide that bodybuilding is not for you and quit the sport entirely. However, trying diets and programmes written by other people are what they enjoy, making a personalised diet or training plan will make the whole process more enjoyable as its tailored around you. Also, you will likely gain more progress as your more likely to be consistent with training and dieting.

To make your experience more personal to you then you could try writing your own diet and fitness plans. If this seems like something that is out of your league, then you can try writing one and then getting a friend or a more experienced bodybuilder to look over it and see I fits something that is going to help you work towards your goals. You could also try hiring a personal trainer. This is someone who will guide you through your fitness journey and gives you tips and tricks depending on what your goals are.



For the average bodybuilder going to the gym isn’t seen as a chore but therapy for your mind and muscles. However, we go to the gym to lift weights and get stronger and going to the same place to do the same thing on a daily basis can be boring to some people. This is more a reason why beginners quit bodybuilding as they are doing the same thing every week but are seeing no benefits. Although you may be doing the same movement, do not be scared to add your own little twist or switch up the activities. Adding your own little personal twist to your training makes it more enjoyable and engaging, meaning that you are not going to grow bored of it any time soon. Also, when in the gym your brain releases endorphins which give you that feel good feeling and will stop any feelings of boredom. So overall, depending on your work ethic in the gym this will dictate if your session will be boring. If you are a focused trainer who gets the job done and gives it there all then you are not going to be bored as your always focused. On the other hand, if your only training at minimal effort and are not focused then you are going to be reaping the least benefits and are likely to find it boring.


In conclusion, the sport of bodybuilding is something that many people desire to do and is interesting to many. However, its easily understood why people may soon find this sport to be not their cup of tea and in this article, we have shared the main reasons for people quitting bodybuilding. Not every sport is perfect, and some do come with there flaws, but these build character along your fitness journey and help to build you into the person you are today. So next time you think of quitting for the slight inconvenience take a long hard thing about why you started and if it’s worth quitting and not accomplishing your goals.