Why give your pet supplements?

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Why give your pet supplements?

Vitamins and minerals are essential for your health and the health of living things. To get certain nutrients we may take supplements to ensure we are getting what our body needs and stop malnutrition and other health conditions. As we take supplements to ensure we are getting all essential nutrients then why shouldn’t we do the same for our pets and other animal friends. As these are living creatures, they still require a certain amount of nutrients that they may not be getting enough of in their diet. To ensure your furry friend is getting all the nutrients they need to be healthy they you may want to try giving them the supplements they may need. If you’re wondering what benefits these supplements can have to your pets, then read on as we are going to be sharing how giving your pets supplements can help them.


What are pet supplements?

If you’re wandering what these pet supplements are then they are very similar to human supplements. As they are also living animals, they require similar nutrients to use but in different quantities. As pets generally are always eating the same thing then it can be possible that they are not getting the required nutrients they need. For example, can you ensure that your dog is getting all the essential vitamins and nutrients it needs? As we though the answer is no and the effects of not getting enough nutrients can be hard to spot in animals. The signs may come as things like injury and joint pain but by the time this happens its generally too late to start giving them the nutrients and hope it will improve the condition.

A good example of health issues in pets are joint issues in dogs. As a dog gets older than you have probably noticed the joints in its legs become troublesome and can cause the animal pain or they may need an operation. In some cases, this can be caused by not getting enough vitamins and minerals as their bones and joints have not developed to be strong enough. As the food made for these animals is sufficient and is formulated so its enjoyable, they don’t focus on the micronutrients that pets need to be getting enough of.


Joint health

As we have mentioned previously one big benefit if giving your pets supplements is that things like their joints are supported and able to stay in a healthy condition. As pets can generally very active, we need to make sure that their joints are in the best condition to prevent injury or wear in later life. There is evidence of these supplements having a positive effect on the joins of pets and they can improve their quality of life, especially in their later years.  These supplements can also soothe stiff joints and make it easier to move for the animal.

If your dog is a working dog for example a guard dog, then you want to make sure your dog is getting all the nutrients they need to keep their joints in the best condition possible. This also makes sure they are well lubricated reducing the risk of the animal developing arthritis in the future. Studies have shown that 20% of dogs older than one year suffer from stiff or aching joints and this number is 80% for dogs over 7 years old.


Organ Health

There are also supplements available that can support your pet’s organs and make them less likely to catch or develop any diseases. For example, you may decide to give your pet an omega 3 supplement and this fatty acid has a great benefit on heart health and the cardiovascular system. This can also benefit their immune system and joints so its worth giving a try or making sure your pet is getting enough omega 3. This can also promote healthy skin which can stop things like irritation and itching.

Promoting organ health ensures your pet has a long and healthy life. After all your organs are vital for your health and must be looked after. Making sure your pets are getting all the essential vitamins they need like vitamins E and C will also improve cognitive function, which can make them easier to train and generally smarter. It can also help them keep health and alert even in the later stages of life.  If your pet has issues learning then this is something you can look into but consult your vet or an expert before doing anything, as you don’t want to be giving your pet too many nutrients as this can also have some side effects.


Aid digestion

Like people your pets may have trouble sometimes digesting food and this can become painful and annoying. For example, your pet may eat something that does not agree with its stomach and the body needs that little bit of help to get it digested easily. One of these digestive supplements include things like probiotics. These are friendly bacteria that is found in your gut and is responsible for the health of your digestive system, making it work efficiently and effectively. These supplements may work for mild stomach upset that does not require the attention of a vet or other medical staff.

If your furry friend does suffer from digestive stress, then this can make their life very uncomfortable. They may find that they are always in pain after eating food which can put them off eating. If your pet isn’t eating, then it’s going to become malnourished as it can’t get the essential nutrients it needs to stay strong and healthy. This can cause things like weight loss, weakened immune system, and can also affect your pet’s mood as they are more likely to be angry and frustrated when hungry. This can also affect things like decision making which can make them seem like disobedient or bad pets.


CBD for pets?

CBD supplements are becoming more popular and are constantly being made into new supplements or material to aid health. This supplement can cause decreased stress and pain in animals as well as humans and many different supplements are available for animals, whether its CBD infused dog food or little gummies for your furry friend to enjoy this can offer many benefits and they are still being found to this day. Although the key ingredient in these supplements CBD itself comes form the marijuana plant it does not give the high feeling and should cause no high effect at all, so you shouldn’t worry about your dog tripping out.

The research is still very limited, so we do not know the possible long term side effects of giving your pets CBD. In many countries and states this supplement is illegal so you must check with your local authorities before purchasing any supplements. You also want to make sure the products are coming form approved sources as you want the best formulated product possible with high quality CBD oil. If you were to ask a vet for their decision, then you will get mixed feelings as the image around CBD supplements is very vague as they are still new. However, for things like chronic pain and inflammatory, this is a supplement that can help.


Don’t overdo it

When making sure your pets are in health condition and are not at risk of any health issues it can be easy to go over the top. Before making any drastic decisions the best thing you can do is to ask the opinion of your vet or a health professional. They will be able to see if your animal is healthy and getting all the nutrients they need. They will also be able to see the signs of malnutrition and can point you in the correct direction when it comes which supplements to take and how much.


In conclusion, when it comes to the health of your pets then you need to cut no corners and treat their health as your own. To make sure they are getting all the nutrients they need you can resort to taking supplements as these make it easy to give them nutrients. If you’re looking for supplements to keep your pets healthy then check out our collection on the Gymlabz store as we offer a great range of vitamins and minerals formulated especially for your pets.