Why is meal prep important.

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Why is meal prep important.

We all know that diet is one of the most important things when it comes to eating healthy and losing fat. However, many people may find it hard to prepare healthy foods if they have a busy lifestyle or are trying to eat on a budget. Well if this is a problem you experience when it comes to eating healthy then this is the blog for you as in this post we are sharing how preparing your meals in advance can bring many positive effects, weather its short of time or money preparing your meals in advance can help you in some kind of way.  We have all been there, you come back from work then go to the gym and when it comes to making some food for yourself you are either too tired or haven’t got any ingredients. With meal prepping you can avoid these unwanted situations and can be dining on a delicious balanced meal in seconds.


What is meal prep?

Meal prep is the process taken to pre prepare your meals for the week. There are many benefits of this like having more time in the week, if you have a busy schedule then this is something that can be useful. A nutritious meal can take time to cook and gather ingredients, by making all your food at once you reduce time cooking and gathering ingredients in the week.


Saves time

Making a meal everyday can take up a long time. There is also the time involved gathering ingredients that can be very time consuming. By making all your meals for the week at once you will have more time in the week which can be put to something more productive. This can also give you piece of mind that all your meals are sorted for the week and don’t need to worry about ques in the shops or ingredients being out of stock.


Helps you stick to your diets

One benefit of precooking our meals is that it will help you stick to your diet. This is because your meals are pre planned and you are less likely to alter your meals by adding other ingredients. It is also easier to add up your daily calorie intake as every meal will be similar. Your also less likely to snack as your meals are already cooked and are just a microwave away.

This will also stop you from consuming unwanted calories present in take away and processed fast food. In fast food there are many hidden calories.  Although a portion of chips may say 600 calories this is only an estimate One example of this is one major chain restaurant advertising a burrito to be 1,315 calories but in reality, it contained 1,670 calories.


Save money

Buying ingredients individually can be time consuming and expensive. You will find buying in bulk is a lot cheaper when it comes to gathering ingredients and in the long run you will be surprise with the amount of money you can save.  As well as saving money on ingredients you will also save on takeaways as you will find yourself having less of them. Less take away is always a good thing as these meals contain high levels of saturated fats and other harmful substances.

Cooking all your meals at once also stops your ingredients going bad and being thrown away. This reduced the amount of food you will waste, and the amount of money spent replacing it. At the end of the day food we throw away is ideally throwing money away and preparing your meals in advance can prevent this. There is also lower gas and electric bills as you reduce the amount of energy you use in the week. There is only minimum energy needed in the week as you just need a microwave or oven to heat your already prepared meal.


Reduce stress

Having all your meals planned out and ready for the week can reduce stress levels and anxiety.  This can have many positive effects if you are someone that gets stressed really easily. This can lead to a better sleep, improved mood and reduced risk o high blood pressure and many other conditions.  If you also have any social anxiety and disorders, then going to the shops can be an uncomfortable task to do. Preparing all your meals at once is something that can decrease the amount of time you spend in shops as all your ingredients are bought at once and there is no need to go to the shops in the week. For people with anxiety this is something that they should consider as it will reduce the amount of time they spend in shops and uncomfortable situations.



Believe it or not there are actually some disadvantages of pre preparing your meals. One of the disadvantages includes that preparation can be time consuming, granted you wont spend as much time cooking as normal but it can still take a while to cook and prepare all your meals for the week.  Another disadvantage is that you have to cook, for some this is an easy job and can be enjoyable but for others cooking may be one of there weak points. If cooking is a chore doing a lot of it is something that you will not enjoy but its something that has to be done.  Cooking for the week can also become repetitive and this can cause your meals to lack variety if you are only cooking only a few dishes.


In conclusion, if you live a busy lifestyle and cannot find any time to prepare your meals then meal prepping is something that you should consider. Pre preparing your meals can save you time and money in the long run and gives you a chance to practice your cooking skills. There is also the mental benefits of not being stressed about what you are going to have to eat or waiting in line in the shops. So, what are you waiting for? Stock up on the food storage boxes and clear some space in the fridge because you have a weeks’ worth of dinners to cook. Preparing your meals in advance is something you should consider as there is a range of benefits and you will find you will have a lot of free time that you can put to doing something productive.