Why shooting can be a good pass time

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Why shooting can be a good pass time

In the UK having firearms is illegal as they can cause harm to others if not in the right hands. One way of getting a gun in the UK is by getting a licence but this can be a long process due to all the checks involved. Real guns can also be expensive especially if you just want to chill out and shoot some targets. One way of being able to shoot in the UK easily is by using air rifles. These are spring loaded or gas-powered rifles that are used to shoot out little pellets. These guns are legal for those over the age of 18 in the UK and can be an easy way to get some target practice.


Why an airgun?

You may be thinking if you are going to shoot anything then why would it be an air gun? Well in the UK getting your hands on a firearm legally can be hard and costly. For this reason, if you’re just looking to do some target practice then a real live firearm is not a good choice. On the other hand, air rifles and other guns are easily obtained and can be used by pretty much anyone. Also buying the guns isn’t going to be an expensive process as you can get air rifles for cheap online. Also, they are low maintenance and require very little money spending on them once bought. The quality of the rifle may be reflected on the price but if you’re just doing it for a bit of practice then the cheaper option would be better.

Also, one big reason that you are better off using air rifles compared to anything else is that they are not lethal to other people. With that said these rifles are still dangerous and you should not be using them on people. Gun safety is still a big thing with these as is pellets hit eyes this can cause serious damage. These rifles are also sometimes used to hunt small rodents and vermin so can cause some harm to living things. So, by using an air rifle you can improve things like marksmanship and generally handling the gun.


Make you a marks man

The video games and movies make it seem so east to aim a gun. All you have to d is look down the sight and shoot right? Well in reality there are many different things that can make or break your shot. Having good shooting skills may not be a skill you particularly wanted but this can come in useful in many cases. For example, you will find it easier to aim other guns not just air rifles which can make you a sharpshooter when it comes to things like shooting a cross bow or when you go paintballing with your friends. This little extra training will make a difference.

Being more accurate overall will make you look like an absolute boss but can also come in useful sometimes and opens up pathways for new leisure activities. It also helps you take other things into consideration which can benefit you when throwing things if you play sports. For example, when taking a long shot you need to take the bullet drop into consideration and wind speed and direction. This will make you more aware of your surroundings and accurate when doing other things like throwing. One thing to remember if you are shooting and can’t seem to hit anything then you are better off practicing as the old saying goes “practice makes perfect”.


Low cost

Your initial thought when it comes to sports like shooting is usually about the cost. However, the cost of shooting may be shocking to you and not as much as you have expected. To get started a decent air rifle will probably cost around £100 on the cheaper side. Then to shoot you can go to private property where there is no danger on hurting anyone outside the property. Also, you could go to a shooting range where the fee could be as low as just £4 per session you go there. When choosing a rifle you may see many fancy looking ones with a big price tag, however for when your just starting out these are not needed and a cheap rifle will do just as well.

When compared to usual shooting, airsoft as a lot cheaper. The guns are relatively well priced and after that all you need to pay for is pellets and the entry fee to a shooting range. The initial cost for a gun can be expensive but this is not a recurring expense as if you look after your guns, they will last you a long time. Treating them correctly and servicing your guns regularly will help to lengthen their life and can be an interesting task to earn how the gun works.


Gets you active

One thing that may surprise you is that going shooting can also help you lose weight or build muscle. When it comes to air gun shooting you will find yourself running back and forth to reset your targets which can really add to your daily steps. This is all depending on how much of a good shot you are and how long you are shooting for. Also, when shooting you will find that your arms and shoulders will start to ache after a while. These air rifles are quite heavy, so it does require a bit of strength to keep them supported and be accurate with them. For this reason, with more shooting experience, you will gain strength in these areas to support the guns.

Not only airsoft but there are also other shooting activities that can get you more active and makes sure you are getting your cardio in. Paintballing and airsoft are good example of these sports. As your quite literally in a warzone you will be require to run, jump and do a manner of all sorts of things. As its quite demanding when doing these sports just one hour of it can burn around 450 calories which is pretty good. Also, as you have to carry equipment like your gun and bullets and also safety gear this increases your weight and can lead to an increase in muscle mass.


Mental benefits

Going for a shooting session can also benefit your mental health. Its likely this sport is going to improve your concentration and patience. As it can take a while to line up a shot and this requires patience this is something that is going to improve the more you shoot. Also, the breathing that is involved when shooting can help to lower your blood pressure and reduce stress levels. You will be required to control your breathing when you are shooting as this will in result let you take a better shot as the littlest bit of movement like breathing can make or break a shot. However sometimes a shooting range can cause stress levels to rise if you get frustrated when you can hit the target.

Although it can be stressful when you do not hit the target as we have said. It can also be beneficial to your mental health when you do hit. The feeling of achieving can boost your mood as it releases endorphins in the brain. This can be good on days when you’re feeling a bit down. Also a few rounds at then shooting range can help clear your mind and can be your little escape on then days when things just aren’t going your way. This sport can also help you boost your self esteem and confidence as you will find yourself improving and excelling in something.


Teach you about gun discipline

When there are firearms involved you will probably not be surprised to hear that you need to be safe and not doing so could lead to serious consequences.  As your handling loaded firearms the rules can be excessive but its just to keep you and others safe. Although air rifles might not pack the punch of a real gun, it can still cause serious damage and still does have the potential to kill someone or cause serious injury. For this reason, gun safety is beneficial for everyone even outside of the range if you ever find yourself handing firearms.

Although tv makes shooting guns look hardcore and fun the truth is you need to take care with firearms. Movies and TV programmes can make handling guns and shooting them look really unrealistic, so you need to make sure that your not copying these. Things like having a firm position when you shoot and not running around pointing guns at people are important and are often done regularly in movies. Although you can have a lot of fun with guns you just need to make sure you’re doing it safely, so no one is at risk of getting injured or worst.


So, if you’re looking for an interesting pass time and you have an interest in guns or shooting things then going to the range with an air rifle is great fun. You’re likely going to see a lot of new people there with similar interests and make new friends. Also, it’s a good thing to do with your friends and you can even get competitive and have a competition between your friends to see who the better shot is. It can also be done on your own if you are looking to take a break from life and just chill.