Why swimming is a great workout

Why swimming is a great workout

When it comes to getting a good workout there are different forms of exercise you can try. For cardio people tend to go for the most popular options like running, riding a bike or using a rowing machine. When you want to gain muscle mass then hitting the weights is the best option as you will see the results quicker than any other form of training. However, there is another option which is swimming that isn’t as common for many people. Swimming offers many health benefits for athletes and people just trying to get fit and we are going to be sharing how it can benefit you.


Learn to swim

Its may be surprising to you that in the modern day many people still don’t know how to swim. There are many reasons why you should learn how to swim and one of them is that it could save your life one day. We are not saying that you’re going to get caught up in a plane crash and be stranded at sea but swimming is definitely something that will come into use sometime in your life. For this reason, if you ever find yourself in a life or death situation then learning how to swim is a skill set worth having so it makes sense putting in the time to at least learn the basics of how to propel yourself across water.

The chances of you getting into a life and death situation involving swimming are pretty low. However, there are many other reasons why you should consider learning how to swim. Being one of the best exercises for fitness is one of the reasons. Instead of just focusing on weight loss or gaining muscle swimming is one of those workouts that is good for both and you should be doing for maximum results. Also, many other sports become more accessible and appealing once you are more comfortable in the water and these include surfing, yachting, kayaking and canoeing. You will feel more comfortable doing these as you know how to swim and the risk of drowning or nearly drowning decreases.


Weight loss

Losing weight and burning fat is a common goal for many fitness enthusiasts around the world. When it comes to workouts that burn a lot of calories swimming is one of the best exercises you can be doing. The number of calories matters on the type of swimming and the intensity and also the person doing the exercise, but on average when swimming a person burns on average around 600 calories which is a lot when compared to other forms of exercise. This can be due to your muscle having to fight against the force of the water which also gives your muscles resistance as well as a cardio workout.

As well as burning calories during your workout swimming like many other exercises can help your body burn calories long after your workout has ended. This is known as the afterburn effect and this is when your muscles need to recover and replace the energy, they have lost by turning your fat into energy they can burn and use. Also, swimming helps raise your metabolism which is the amount of calories your body will burn at rest. A higher metabolism means that your body will burn more calories at rest which means less fat will be stored and more will be used as energy.



Endurance is something many athletes and sports people like to improve as it can have a big impact on your workouts and daily life. Endurance and stamina are very similar and they both are the amount of time you can go before you have to stop exercising as you get tired or worn out. Having god endurance and stamina means you can go for longer and is generally a good thing for overall health as you are able to exercise longer. Swimming is an exercise that is good for building endurance as it’s a cardio exercise which is well known to help improve how long your able to go before getting tired and calling it a day.

One way swimming can help you improve your endurance is by lowering your resting heart rate. This is due to swimming itself making your heart work hard which trains it to be more efficient and therefore not have to work as hard in the future. Also, it is considered an aerobic exercise as it keeps you constantly breathing and you can develop new breathing techniques for exercising. This will make your body more efficient at using and taking in oxygen which can help your body produce energy and therefore you will also be able to train for longer. This improves your overall VO2 max which is a measurement used for oxygen efficiency in the body and overall fitness.


Muscle gain

Another common reason to train and exercise is to increase your overall muscle mass and strength. Muscle mass and strength often come together as if you gain one the other is likely to improve. The usual go to form of training when trying to gain muscle is resistance training as this is the proven quickest and most effective form of training to help you build muscle. Although it may be the best there are still other forms of training that can help and as you may have guessed already swimming is one of those exercises that helps you get bigger. When swimming all your muscles are incorporated which makes it a great full body workout and therefore all your muscles should see a benefit from swimming regularly.

Although swimming is seen as a cardio exercise it actually is pretty good for building muscle. As you are constantly fighting against the force of the water you are stressing them to the point of forming little microtears. This is how muscle is built when these tears repair and the amount of muscle mass you will gain depends on the type of swimming stroke you are doing. This is because different styles of swimming incorporate different muscles so if you’re looking to build certain muscles then you should do some research into which style is better for you.  If you’re going for a leaner look then swimming definitely is a sport you should be doing as it allows you to burn fat and muscle simultaneously.


Injury risk

When choosing a workout for some people the risk of injury should be the top priority. Nobody likes to get injured as it hurts and puts a damper on your fitness progress and some injuries may require you to take mass amounts of time away from training. If you have ever suffered from a sporting injury before then you should know as well as anyone that it can be the most frustrating and painful thing to happen to your fitness progress. If you’re looking for a form of exercise that puts you at a lower risk of getting injured then swimming can be something you may be interested in. The first way swimming is a less risky exercise is that it is low impact. This means that your body does not come into contact with a surface which is good for joints as it reduced the pressure they are under when compared to another sport like running.

When swimming you are also at a lower risk of other injuries that you could have incurred when training. For example, when running you could fall over and with weight training there is a risk of the weights falling onto you. These all count as training injuries and with swimming there is less a chance of that happening. Although swimming may seem like a risk-free sport this is far from the truth as there are still a few other injuries that are caused by swimming. Many of these are shoulder and rotator cuff injuries that are caused by wear when swimming. The injuries you experience can vary depending on the type of stroke you are doing. Many of the injuries caused by swimming are generally wear and joint related.


Good for everyone

With other exercises they may not be fore everyone as they either won’t help you reach your goals or are too difficult or intensive to your liking. Swimming is one of those sports that is generally good for everyone. Firstly, it can be done at your own pace and intensity and is good for injuries as your joints and muscles are under a low pressure. This makes swimming good for elderly people who generally struggle to find an exercise as they are at a higher risk of getting injured. Also going for a swim in generally quite cheap as you can go out and swim in saltwater and seas for free if your close to a location your able to do this. At leisure centres swimming sessions are also generally quite cheap and won’t break the bank.


Overall, swimming is a very useful sport to be doing and is worth fitting into your workout schedule as it offers many benefits and very little risks. When it comes to your overall fitness swimming is a sport that is definitely going to help as it improves stamina, strength and can also help you gain muscle. This is the reason professional swimmers are always in good shape and kept at a low body fat but also muscular as it’s the ideal body shape for swimming. So when your thinking about a for of acrid or want to give your schedule a bit of a twist then try swimming as it offers all the benefits mentioned and more.