Why women should weight train

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Why women should weight train

As weight training is becoming more popular around the world many more people have decided to start this type of training as it has many benefits. Although seen as a manly sport in the past, weight training and bodybuilding is becoming more popular with females around the world. Many people still believe that the weight area is no place for a lady and in this article, we are going to be proving them wrong as we are going to be sharing the benefits of weight training and why many women have put away their yoga mats and picked up there dumbbells in a effort to get fit.


The weight training myth

What puts many people off weight training is the fear of getting “too big” or “too muscular”. The swole or ripped looks are not for everyone and some may find then a bit off putting.  Well, the truth is that to get incredibly lean or put-on enormous amounts of muscle you need to be really dedicated with a strict diet, training and sleep schedule. As you are likely not going to be taking your training to a level as extreme as this then you should be ok as you are not going to be turning into the hulk anytime soon. This is a big reason why women do not engage in weight training and is a myth in the fitness industry.

If you are looking for a more toned and attractive look then lifting weight can be the way forward. As your muscles need to rebuild themselves after an exercise then they are bound to grow back bigger and stronger and look more defined. This is why its important to train for your goals, for example for just an overall better look try training each muscle group individually like a bodybuilder to build all your muscles and look better. If you are looking to make some serious strength gains, then you can take the powerlifter or strongman approach and dive straight in to the heavy weight. When it comes to natural muscle growth women are usually slower at gaining muscle due to a lack of muscle building hormones.


Increased fat loss

As it’s a demanding physical activity, weight training can be a great form of exercise for fat loss and burning calories.  Although when trying to lose a few pounds everyone results to cardio training, resistance training has been shown to be more effective at your body burning fat. This is due to weight training having a high afterburn effect, this is the calories your body burns long after an activity has been complete. This means you can burn calories just when sitting around and doing nothing.

When trying to lose weight a mix of cardio and resistance training is usually used. This maximises calories burned and can keep you looking lean and cut. Weight training does have many benefits over cardio for example some forms of cardio like running can become repetitive and boring whereas when weight training you only spend a few minutes on one exercise then move on.


Muscle gain

The main reason people weight train is to gain strength and muscle. So, if you include resistance training in your regime and diet properly then you will experience muscle gain. Your muscles will become firmer and look more defined which is not a bad look on anyone. You gain muscle as lifting weights causes micro tears in your muscles. This is why you are sore after a workout. These tears are then repaired with proteins and become stronger and bigger. This is where the phrase “no pain no gain” comes from.  

If you are looking for that toned look then as a woman increasing your muscle mass will help a lot. This will also increase your metabolism which also increases the calories burned at rest. Having more muscle mass can also provide mental benefits as it can decrease the risk of mental disorders like anxiety as you will feel more comfortable in your skin. It can also raise self esteem and increase confidence in the gym and in daily life.


Reduced risk of injury

Also with many other benefits weight training can decrease the chance of you getting injured. This is due to resistance training increasing bone density, meaning they are stronger and less prone to breaking and fracturing. It will also decrease the pain felt at joints which is a problem for many people and can make everyday activities harder.  With stronger bones quality of life in increased and you will be able to be more mobile when you are older.

Your stronger muscles also decrease the risk of you injuring yourself. This is as your muscles will be stronger meaning they can handle more stress. This can be good for when training as you will be more comfortable doing an activity more challenging. You will also be more likely to do things you have never done before, building your experience. For example, you may not have thought about kayaking as you have back pain, s your back gets stronger and can handle more stress you become able to do kayaking.


Mental benefits

Mental health is as important as physical health and its very important that you look after this also. Mental health can be an issue for many people and can be something like having anxiety or depression. Weight training can benefit you as it can get rid of anybody related anxiety disorders as you will have increased muscle mass and reduced fat which is a good look n everyone. This will also make you more confident in the gym as you can lift decent weight and look like you lift so weight training is also a way to reduce gym anxiety.

There have also been studies that suggest weightlifting can improve cognitive function. According to the University of Alabama, resistance training can improve memory, attention, and reasoning. Weightlifting can also improve sleep which can prevent many other mental disorders like paralysis, depression and can help elevate your mood and motivation. Better sleep is also beneficial for many other things like recovery and energy levels.


In conclusion, weightlifting is not just for the men and there are many benefits of doing this training for everyone. Weightlifting is becoming increasingly popular with women and will continue to grow. The main reason why you might want to start lifting is the toned body, results can come a lot quicker and look better when compared to spending hours on the treadmill. One thing to remember also is that every day isn’t leg day, as having toned legs and nice buns is the rave nowadays, many women get drawn into just training legs or just the muscles they want to grow.  It is better to train all your muscle groups to keep symmetry and improve all around strength.