Why your weight isn't everything

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Why your weight isn't everything

When trying to lose fat many people use their weight as a way to measure how much you are losing. This can be great as losing weight usually means you have managed to burn some fat you have stored on your body. However, when working towards a goal the scales can take over your life and you can find yourself obsessing over your weight and how to get it as low as possible.  Just because someone is lighter than you it does not necessarily mean that they are healthy, and some people hold weight differently and may look better with a higher bodyfat. If you are trying to lose weight and find yourself obsessing over the scale, then you need to stop and in this article, we are going to be sharing reasons why the scales don’t matter.


Weight doesn’t show good health

Being very light is not generally a sign of good health and being little bit overweight has been proven by scientists to prolong your life. This is not a reason to pile on the pounds as this only applies to those who are a little bit overweight.  With that said being light and having really low bodyfat isn’t healthy and can cause major problems to your body. One of these includes malnutrition as your not eating much food, your body will not get the nutrients it needs to grow and maintain itself. This will cause side affects like a weakened immune system and cause you to be irritable and tired all the time.

Another thing that is good to remember is that muscle weighs more than fat. So, by weighing yourself you are accounting for your whole body not just your fat. So, by losing weight it is not just fat that is being burned but also muscle. This means that all those hard-earned gains can be wasting away on your goal to drop a stone. Although you may reach your weight goals, you may not look how you expected as you have lost some muscle mass.


Make losing fat the goal not weight

When trying to lose weight everyone rushes to the scale to track their progress. This can be a good way to track progress but losing weight does not necessarily mean you are losing fat. This weight loss can come in the form of muscle mass and this can be caused by many things. If you are not training right when losing fat and are just doing cardio, then you are not going to gain muscle mass just lose it. So, by focusing on your weight you are putting yourself at risk of losing all the muscle mass you worked hard for. Although it is impossible just to burn fat without a little bit of muscle there are a few things to minimise the muscle loss like doing resistance training.

When trying to lose weight a mix of resistance training and cardio is recommended as muscle also burns fat. This is due to your muscles requiring more energy to complete tasks and maintain themselves. The cardio is used to burn calories which is energy. As your going to be doing resistance training then your weight is likely to increase due to more resistance training. As this is the case if you were to keep weighing yourself then you would be in for a shock as the scale is likely to go up, but you will look better and more defined. So, this is a good reason why you should not think too much about what the scales are saying.


The scales can become obsessive

When working towards a goal it can be easy to obsess over something. An example can be a body builder obsessing over their physique and doing everything in their power to make it look better. Doing this can cause stress to build up when things do not go your way and can cause a lot of other mental health problems. If your stuck on the same weight and are making no progress, then this can make you lose motivation and the will to keep going. This is going to make you want to give up on your goals and scrap the whole idea about getting healthier and losing some fat.

Being too focused on what the scales say can also cause you to develop an eating disorder. This is due to you doing anything possible to reach your target weight. Doing things like crash diets and very restrictive diets do more harm than good and can cause things like eating disorders and malnutrition if your diet is not nutritious enough.


Weight loss can be a long process

If you are experienced in losing fat or trying to then you as well as anyone should know that it is not a quick and easy process. After weeks of hard work in the gym and kitchen you can step on the scales and find that you have only lost a few pounds. This can be disheartening to say the least but when losing fat, you need to be patent. The media often makes it harder by advertising these get slim quick schemes or extreme weight loss plans but the healthiest way to lose weight is naturally and can take a while. Sticking to a diet and training plan for this long and seeing little results can make you want to quit but consistency is key when it comes to your fitness.

Also, you may see your weight fluctuating if you step on the scales regularly. This can give you mixed signals and it can be unclear whether your getting closer to your goals or further away. Fluctuations in your weight can be due to many things like hydration. If you are hydrated, then you’re going to be holding more water weight which will show on the scale. Also, some foods can make you heavier if you have eaten them recently, which will also make you appear heavier when on the scale.


Stay strong

If you are certain your training is correct, but the scales are not seeming to budge then you shouldn’t worry. To lose fat there are some steps you need to take and make sure you are doing. One of these is being in a calorie deficit which means consuming less calories than what you use. This means your body will seek to burning fat stores when low on calories from food. Making sure you do exercise is also important as this increases the number of calories you burn. Another thing that is often overlooked by many people is that rest is also a key player in the goal to weight loss. This gives you a chance to kick back and relax as you have likely been working hard trying to lose some fat.


In conclusion, when trying to lose fat then the scales can be a great way to track progress. However, the scales are not everything and can be inaccurate when it comes to fat loss.  The best thing for you to do is not to get too obsessed over wat the scales may say and look for other means of measuring your fat loss. Other ways can be by taking measurements, when you lose weight its going to be from all around your body so your dimensions like waist, thighs and arms would have decreased in size.