5 workouts for bigger biceps

5 workouts for bigger biceps

Having big arms is everyone’s goal and the bigger the better. One of the muscles in your arm is your bicep and is probably one of the most commonly known muscles in your body. As many people know what they are then it comes to no surprise that they are quite important, and you should train these as much as you train other muscles. When it comes to bicep exercises that you can be doing then the list is almost endless. However, in this article we are going to be sharing five of the best exercises you can be doing to build your biceps bigger and stronger.


Why train biceps?

Your biceps are one of the most important muscles in your arm and training them is going to increase your overall arm strength. As a result of better arm strength, you will be able to lift heavier, not only on arm concentrated movements but on a lot of other movements as well. This is due to your biceps being used in exercises like rows as well as your back muscles.  Biceps are also used in things like deadlifts, and also bench press as these require good overall upper body strength. Also, your bicep makes up 1/3 of your upper arm so its worth training it for arm muscle strength balance.

As well as increased strength you will also benefit in other ways by training your biceps. One way you can benefit is by having physically bigger biceps. This looks great as it makes your arms look bigger and more toned if you’re going for that look. Also, by training your biceps regularly you are making them more developed and therefore less likely to get injured. Bicep injuries are common in the fitness industry and can put you out of training for a long time. For this reason, you should do whatever you can to try and avoid them.


Preacher curls

Your biceps are something that are used in many exercises, but there are also exercises out there that isolate your biceps. One of these exercises are preacher curls. These are done on a preacher bench which is a bench with a seat that you can rest you elbows on. With your palms facing inwards you then do a bicep curl while holding a weight. You can either do this movement with dumbbells or an ez bar as long as its comfortable and not putting too much pressure on your wrists.  One of the main benefits of doing preacher curls is that it is very hard to cheat as your biceps are isolated. With that said try and avoid swinging your upper body or using your shoulders to lift the weight when seated.

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As well as being done with an ez bar this workout also has man other variations. For example, you may decide to use dumbbells instead or do hammer curls on the preacher bench.  The variations are never ending but there are a few things you need to look out for when doing this exercise. One of the things you could be doing wrong is swinging your body, by doing this you are not using your biceps to lift the weight but instead the momentum of your body. Another thing you could be doing wrong is having the weight too heavy. As this workout isolates your biceps you won’t be able to lift as much weight than usual curls so to avoid injury, start slow and light and then work your way up.


Barbell curls

Bicep curls are common and there are different variations that you can do. One variation of the standard bicep curl is a barbell curl. This is done by loading weight onto and Olympic bar and then doing your standard curl while standing up. You can also use other barbells like an ez bar or hammer curl bar. You can also alternate your grip by having it wider or closer to make the movement more challenging.  One benefit of this exercise is that your arms are always in an underhand position. This allows you to fully contract your bicep muscle which leads to more microtears and therefore more muscle growth.

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Barbell curls are an isolation exercise, meaning they mostly work your biceps. Although its an isolation exercise it does work other muscles and these are your back muscles, shoulders, and core. It can also help grow your fore arms, not just your biceps as it improves grip strength which can also help you with other movements like deadlifts. Like many other curls you need to make sure you’re not swinging your body to get the weight up as this can result in injury. Also don’t go too heavy as you stand a chance of tearing your bicep and also injuring other muscles and joints.


Zottman curls

One type of bicep curl that often goes overlooked is the zottman curl. This curl is done by starting off as doing a normal bicep curl until you reach the top. On the way down you then twist your wrists, so your palms are then facing downwards. If you do this work out, you won’t be able to curl as much weight as a this curl puts more pressure on your arm muscles when compared to regular curls. For this reason, you need to make sure you’re not going too heavy when doing this exercise as this can increase your risk of injury.

This workout is great for your biceps as it engages them on the two movements. This workout is also very beneficial for your forearms as it can improve your grip strength and overall forearm size. So, if you’re looking to grow all the muscles in your arms and not just your biceps then this is a workout you should be doing. The zottman curl also adds some variety to your workouts as you may find training your biceps can get repetitive. Many bicep movements are curls, and this adds a little twist to the standard arm day.


Hammer curls

A well known bicep workout that has been done for years is the hammer curl. This involves curling a dumbbell or weight with your wrists facing inwards towards the centre of your body. This movement works the biceps as well as your forearm muscles and it also engages other muscles for stabilisation like your delts and traps. Doing this workout will give your biceps a thicker look and there are many different variations for this workout. A few include seated hammer curls, cable hammer curls or kettle bell hammer curls.

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As well as working your biceps and forearm muscles this workout can also be used to strengthen your wrist. Its important not to go too heavy with this exercise as this puts increased pressure on your wrist and can cause injury. Also, there is a chance of having a bicep injury if your going too heavy and bicep tears can take a while to recover. Form is also important as if you are swinging the weight then you are putting yourself at a higher risk of developing a back injury or worse and are not getting the most out of the workout.


Incline curls

Incline curls are a twist on your usual hammer curls but do offer many benefits. This workout is done by lying down on a inclined bench. Then with dumbbells you curl holding them either side of your body. Doing this isolates your biceps as your not able to swing your body and cheat on the movements, which means your biceps are getting the most out of it making this a very effective workout. If you feel unstable on the bench holding the dumbbells, then tighten your core as this will help with stabilisation.


Although incline curls are great for building big biceps there are a few negatives and things you need to worry about looking out for. As this is an isolation exercise this workout puts a lot of stress on your bicep. This means that if you’re going too heavy or doing too much then you’re at a higher risk of injury compared to normal. However, these few negatives should be an issue if you are training safely and know your limits and what you are capable of lifting.


In conclusion, when you’re trying to build your biceps there are a few exercises that you can be doing. Here we have mentioned a few popular bicep exercises that are sure to help you build those arms and get you on the road to bigger biceps. There are also many other bicep workout out there that you can give a try but before doing anything complicated you need to get the few basic exercises we have mentioned here mastered.