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RAZE is more than an energy drink, RAZE is fuel for performance.We created RAZE with a simple goal in mind - to demand more. To break out of the cycle of caffeine & crash. To break away from energy drink hangovers and sugar filled sodas. We didn't need a "boost". We needed more.RAZE is about maximizing your performance no matter what the task.Through intense trials across every competitive field, we discovered that there were 5 unifying principles to get the most out of your body and operate at the highest levels.Focus. Recovery. Energy. Stamina. Hydration.We combined these 5 points into a single source to create a drink that allows you perform at the highest levels - no matter what the task. Athletes, entrepreneurs, gamers, students, parents, partiers - it doesn't matter. RAZE is fuel for what you do.We call this blend RE(FRESH) technology, and it's unlike anything you've ever tried, until you've tried it. Welcome to the team. RAZERebellion