50% Full Protein Bar, Chocolate Cookie

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QNT 50% Full Protein bars are protein bars containing 25 g of protein coming from a balanced mix that includes milk protein isolate and whey protein concentrate. Thanks to this protein blend, your body will be greatly assisted in building or maintaining its muscle capital. In addition, 50% Full Protein bars do not contain any trans fats and have less than 3 g of sugar per bar! They are therefore ideal for anyone looking to increase the protein intake while limiting the negative impact on their shape.An effective mix of different protein sources50% Full Protein bars offer a protein blend that includes milk protein isolate and whey protein concentrate. The combination of different protein sources makes this snack particularly interesting for all athletes who want to modulate the protein absorption, combining protein with different characteristics.The role of proteinProtein is essential for maintaining and growing muscle mass. Everyone needs it, and while a balanced diet will provide enough protein for average people, often regular or hardcore athletes who want to increase their muscle potential will need a higher intake. Food supplements such as protein bars are therefore ideal for this purpose.Optimize your resultsThe 50% Full Protein bars will allow any athlete to fill up on protein to nourish their muscles to prepare them for intensive physical effort and facilitate their recovery. Depending on the objectives you have set for yourself, consuming one or more bars per day, especially after training, will allow you to optimize your results very easily! Their convenient size allows you to easily take them with you and enjoy them whenever you want!A delicious tasteBecause protein does not rhyme with blandness, 50% Full Protein bars are available in two delicious flavours: Chocolate/Cookie or Strawberry! Which one will you prefer?