Activated Vitamin B-1 (Cocarboxylase), 16mg

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Energizing nutrition for body and mindCrucial for energy production and healthy neurotransmitter functionFeaturing the active coenzyme cocarboxylaseRecharge your mental and physical batteries with the energizing nutrition of Activated Vitamin B-1 from Swanson Premium. With its crucial roles in energy production and healthy neurotransmitter function, vitamin B-1 (thiamin) may be one of the most important basic vitamins for mental and physical vitality. But not all vitamin B-1 supplements are the same. Our Activated Vitamin B-1 veggie capsules feature cocarboxylase (also known as thiamin diphosphate or thiamin pyrophosphate), an active, coenzyme form of the vitamin that plays a crucial role in the metabolism of carbohydrates and certain amino acid derivatives, providing valuable energizing support for body and mind.