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Agaricus Blazei with BioPerine

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What is Doctor's Best Agaricus blazei?Doctor's Best Agaricus blazei is a mushroom traditionally used for liver support and immune support. The mushroom contains a special class of polysaccharides known as "beta-glucans." Studies show that beta-glucans and other polysaccharides in Agaricus stimulate activity of natural killer (NK) cells, T-lymphocytes, and other important parts of the immune system. Doctor's Best Agaricus blazei is extracted with a hot water/alcohol method that increases its digestibility and enhances bioavailability of beta-glucans/polysaccharides. Additionally, it contains BioPerine, a natural absorption enhancer derived from black pepper, to further stimulate absorption of the Agaricus blazei.
How does Doctor's Best Agaricus blazei work?Agaricus blazei has been the subject of research most often in Japan, where investigations have focused on the role of mushroom polysaccharides as "biological response modifiers" that can stimulate immune function. Studies have shown that beta-glucans extracted from Agaricus are active polysaccharides, having the ability to stimulate the release of cytokines from macrophages (white blood cells), thereby supporting a healthy immune response. Additional experiments have shown that Agaricus blazei activates the alternative complement pathway, which is an important part of the body's immune defense.
Why take Doctor's Best Agaricus blazei?The folk use of this mushroom encompasses a broad profile of reported effects, including lowering blood sugar and blood lipids, supporting bone health, liver health, immune and digestive systems, as well as for fighting physical and emotional stress. Among these properties attributed to Agaricus, immune support is the major focus of scientific research to date. Agaricus blazei contains complex polysaccharides that stimulate the immune system.