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Berberine 90 capsules Allnutrition- HELPS TO MAINTAIN CORRECT BLOOD GLUCOSE- SHOWS BENEFITS IN REDUCING BODY WEIGHT- SHOWS ANTI-Oxidative action- STRENGTHEN THE ORGANISM'S IMMUNITY- POSITIVELY IMPACT ON THE DIGESTIVE SYSTEMALLNUTRITION ADAPTO BERBERINE is a dietary supplement containing barberry root extract Berberis Aristata, standardized for 2% berberine belongs to the group of alkaloids.ALLNUTRITION ADAPTO BERBERINE has a positive effect on the proper functioning of the intestines. Berberine can be used in cases of dysregulation of sugar management. It affects the increase in the number of insulin receptors.In addition, ALLNUTRITION ADAPTO BERBERINE delays the breakdown of complex carbohydrates to simple sugars. It also helps in maintaining healthy skin.It should also be mentioned that it has antioxidant activity, protecting the body against free radicals.