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Brain Magnesium with Magtein, 50mg

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What is Doctor�s Best Brain Magnesium?Doctor�s Best Brain Magnesium supports memory learning, mood and other aspects of cognitive health. Magnesium is essential for brain connections that facilitate learning, memory, attention, and all other brain functions. Magnesium is essential for brain connections that facilitate learning, memory, attention, and other brain functions. Magnesium is a cofactor for numerous enzymes that control nerve cell functions and synapse integrity. Synapses are the points where nerve cells make close contact with each other via their cell membranes to exchange information. The movements of ions such as magnesium across the nerve cell membranes can change as we age, adversely affecting cellular excitability, chemical transmitter release, and synaptic plasticity (synapse adaptability). Supplementing with Doctor�s Best Brain Magnesium can help as it provides magnesium-L-threonate from Magtein which is a unique and highly bioavailable magnesium capable of crossing the blood-brain barrier.
How does it work?According to animal research, the Magtein magnesium-L-threonate in Doctor�s Best Brain Magnesium has been shown to effectively raise magnesium levels in the brain, in contrast to other magnesium compounds. Of six magnesium compounds studied, researchers found that magnesium-L-threonate was the superior compound able to enhance memory.
Why should I take Doctor�s Best Brain Magnesium?The brain�s hippocampus region is known to be essential for memory and learning processes. Age-related decline in memory and learning capacity of the hippocampus may be related to a magnesium deficit. Magnesium is also involved in over 300 metabolic actions as an enzyme cofactor. It helps to maintain cardiovascular health, normal muscle and nerve function, a steady heartbeat, strong bones, blood sugar, energy metabolism, and a healthy immune system. Nearly half of Americans have inadequate intakes of magnesium and the majority of Americans over 50 years old do not meet the estimated average requirement for magnesium.