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Chewable Fully Active B12, 1000mcg

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What is Chewable Fully Active B12?Chewable Fully Active B12 is a fast acting and pleasant tasting vitamin B12, provided as Methylcobalamin, its most biochemically active form. Vitamin B12 is essential for healthy mood and memory management and for fundamental life processes such as healthy gene regulation (epigenetics), nerve cell communication, and the recycling of homocysteine, a potentially toxic metabolite, from pregnancy through old age.
How does it work?Vitamin B12 is the most chemically complex of all the vitamins. The most basic B12 unit is cobalamin, a large molecule with an intricate cage-like structure that encloses a single cobalt atom. The cobalt atom is highly reactive on its own, but the cobalamin cage channels its reactivity to serve specific biochemical functions. For use as an enzyme cofactor the B12 usually has another chemical group attached, which most often is a methyl group. Vitamin B12 is a necessary cofactor for two human enzymes, but both are important for basic life processes. Impairment of their functioning due to mutations or insufficiency of B12 can pose serious threats to health.
Why should I take Chewable Fully Active B12?Vitamin B12 is essential for humans at every stage of life, from conception through advanced age, 1-5 Healthy vitamin B12 status is linked to healthy mood and memory management. This vitamin is required for such fundamental life processes as gene regulation (epigenetics), nerve cell communication, and the management of homocysteine, a potentially toxic metabolite. Chewable Fully Active B12 provides the active coenzyme or "vitamer" form of B12, called methylcobalamin or methyl-cobalamin (MC). The high potency of this MC product from Doctor's Best assures its absorption when taken by mouth. Vitamin B12 deficiency can cause a wide range of problems. Early signs include fatigue, loss of appetite and change in personality. Vitamin B12 deficiency can cause bone marrow production of red cells and white cells to decline. Red cell oxygen delivery may also decline. The white cells can develop differently shaped nuclei and their immune functions can decline. Vitamin B12 is needed for sensory and motor functions, including walk coordination. Healthy B12 status is also necessary for maintaining bone strength and spinal cord structure, even for healthy skin pigmentation.