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For the diet management in spinal syndrome, nerve pain and polyneuropathies.Do you know that? Constant back pain? Or again and again a pulling and burning sensation and stinging in arms or legs? As many as these unpleasant complaints and pain are their causes and triggers: lack of exercise, poor posture (e.g. at work), tension due to stress and mental stress or age-related wear and tear of the spine lead to difficulties and problems as regards the delicate physiological balance between nerves, muscles and bones. The result is ultimately irritated or damaged nerves - and thus pain.As if this spectrum of causes were not complex enough, metabolic disorders (such as diabetes), persistent alcohol consumption, viral infections (such as shingles) or inflammation can cause irritation and nerve pain. The pain leads to restraint, avoidance of movement, stress - a vicious cycle begins.Understandably, many people take first painkillers. However, this is only promising in the event of temporary complaints. Quite apart from the possible side effects on the organism.