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Ferro Liposomiale is a food supplement providing 30 mg per daily dose of LIPOFER microcapsules microencapsulated liposomal iron. Iron contributes to normal formation of red blood cells and haemoglobin and to normal oxygen transport in the body. The product is completed with the addition of vitamin C which increases iron absorption.Anaemia is a very common problem affecting men and women of all ages, but that very often affects women of childbearing age. There are several different types of anaemia, some of which may be temporary, while others are chronic with various characteristics. Anaemia is present when the concentration of haemoglobin in the blood is less than 14 g/dl in men and less than 12 g/dl in women, and when the number of red blood cells falls below 4.5 x 106 / �l. A simple blood test is required to determine a state of anaemia, specifically investigating the following parameters:Complete blood cell count: a way of calculating the haemoglobin, the number and size of red blood cells and reticulocytes (immature red blood cells), and the number and type of white blood cells. Ferritin: the body s reserve of iron.Serum iron: the total amount of iron circulating in the blood.Transferrin: a protein that transports iron from the intestine and the liver to the tissues where it is needed.Haemoglobin, a protein circulating in the blood, has the role of transporting oxygen from the lungs to the various tissues in the body, and it is also a key component of red blood cells.Low levels of haemoglobin mean less oxygen supply to tissues which, since oxygen is fundamental in producing energy, results in a feeling of tiredness and weakness. People with haemoglobin deficiency often also have reduced myoglobin, a protein specifically responsible for transporting oxygen to the muscles, including the heart, exacerbating the feeling of tiredness and breathlessness. Poor oxygenation leads to peripheral vasoconstriction, which reduces the supply of blood to the limbs (in particular hands and feet) in order to guarantee a greater quantity of oxygen to the vital organs. It is for this reason that anaemia sufferers are more sensitive to the cold.Haemoglobin is also responsible for the bright red colour of blood and tissue in general - if the levels of haemoglobin in the blood are low, the skin may appear more whitish. The lack of oxygen in the bloodstream forces the heart to work more than normal in order to guarantee the minimum necessary oxygen supply to all tissues, which also increases the heart rate. For example, young students in particular should consider that lower haemoglobin levels also result in less oxygen to the brain, making it difficult for the brain to function at maximum efficiency, with the appearance of asthenia, listlessness, a tendency towards sudden mood swings and depressive states.Women of childbearing age with a heavy menstrual flow, plus pregnant women or those with impaired iron absorption, are most susceptible to anaemia. After averting any serious pathological problems that have resulted in the anaemia and with which the situation has to be managed appropriately by the specialist, it is often procedure , either with the general practitioner or autonomously, to periodically take iron supplements in combination with an iron-rich diet. However, in many cases blood values remain abnormal, and periodic cycles of iron-based supplements are not tolerated by many people owing to the numerous and frequent side effects, including nausea, gastrointestinal disorders such as diarrhoea or constipation, or dark stools, which can often even lead to treatment being suspended.Because of this, research has fielded the possibility of delivering the iron-based supplements in liposomes, such as our Liposomal Iron, which allow for more effective absorption of this precious element, free from side effects and guaranteeing excellent bioavailability. Note that ionic iron absorption principally takes place at the duodenal level, and is mediated by specific carriers. Under normal conditions, only 15-20% of the iron administered is absorbed, and even alimentary iron has a rather low bioavailability. The particular encapsulation technology in natural phospholipids makes the iron highly bioavailable, well-tolerated and rapidly absorbed. The presence of the liposomal envelope protects the iron from contact with the gastric mucous membrance, avoiding the pro-oxidant effect of free iron. The liposomal protection allows the precious micro-element to overcome the gastric environment unscathed and to be absorbed directly at the level of the entire small intestine, not only the duodenum.Transmission by means of liposomal technology corresponds to the transport of various substances in our body by chylomicrons, which are the lipoproteins that represent the form of transport of food fats from the intestine to the various tissues. The orally ingested iron liposome in the intestinal lumen is absorbed directly by M cells (and not by enterocytes), which originate from the lymphatic system and are found in the entire small intestine. The liposome is then incorporated by macrophages via endocytosis and reaches the hepatocytes in whole via the lymphatic torrent.The liposome is dismantled within the hepatocytes by the lysosomal enzymes, thus making the LIPOFER iron available to the body, ensuring absorption and bioavailability of the liposomal iron higher than other iron salts commonly used and that have been the market for many years. LIPOSOMAL IRON Yamamoto Research is formulated with microencapsulated iron pyrophosphate in liposome form (Lipofer) with the addition of Vitamin C to further increase absorption and bioavailability of the mineral, making its integration more effective, along with an almost total absence of the common side effects.