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Ageless Cell is the first supplement in our GEROPROTECT line. It is a unique formula designed to inhibit cellular senescence, a natural part of the aging process where cells no longer function optimally. Ageless Cell helps rejuvenate near-senescent cells and encourages the body's healthy process for dealing with senescent ones. Formulated by a partnership between Life Extension and Insilico Medicine, Inc., Ageless Cell can help turn back the clock at the cellular level.
Benefits at a Glance:
Helps rejuvenate near-senescent cellsSupports natural process for dealing with senescent cellsHelps activate anti-aging pathwaysPromotes youthful cellular metabolismCombats aging at the cellular levelWhat is cellular senescence?
Cellular senescence is a natural part of the aging process. When previously healthy cells become senescent, they no longer function optimally. Many of the factors which make us "feel old" can be directly attributed to the effects of cellular senescence. But it doesn't have to be this way.
When we fight back against cellular senescence, we're doing our part to encourage cellular energy production, promote organ vitality, support a healthy, system-wide response to inflammation, and more. So by inhibiting this natural part of aging at the cellular level, Ageless Cell helps our bodies feel biologically "young" again.
Turning back the clock with Insilico Medicine, Inc.
The Ageless Cell formula was created through a unique partnership with Insilico Medicine, Inc., a medical technology company who created a database of 200+ geroprotectors shown to extend life span, then used a proprietary algorithm based on 21st century artificial intelligence computing techniques to score these compounds' impact on pathways associated with normal aging. Without Insilico's A.I., this process could have taken decades.
Insilico Medicine's computerized A.I. analysis identified N-acetyl-L-cysteine (NAC), myricetin, a naturally occurring antioxidant found in berries, fruits, and herbs, the potent green tea polyphenol EGCG, and gamma-tocotrienol as powerful "geroprotector" nutrients which can help protect the body from the effects of cellular senescence. These compounds were then scientifically tested and demonstrated efficacy at inhibiting signs of cellular senescence.
The first in our GEROPROTECT line
Life Extension then combined these unique geroprotective ingredients into a single innovative formula called Ageless Cell. It is the first in our much-anticipated GEROPROTECT product line, which will feature a variety of innovative and groundbreaking formulas designed to help your body address the natural effects of the aging process. Ageless Cell is the cellular longevity supplement you've been waiting for. Try it today!