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Hydra Steel, Advanced Diuretic Formula

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WHAT IT ISAn advanced all natural diuretic formula designed to help you achieve a ripped, hard look and gain a competitive edge on the competition in as little as 10 days.
PROVEN ACTIVE INGREDIENTSUva Ursi: A plant commonly called Bearberry, it contains arbutin, a natural compound with strong diuretic properties that also promotes a rapid expulsion of body fluid through the urinary tract, relieving temporary water retention without putting stress on the kidneys.
Vitamin B-6: Essential in balancing sodium and potassium levels in the body while also responsible for the production of monamine neurotransmitters such as adrenaline, serotonin, and dopamine; it increases metabolic rate while metabolizing glycogen, metabolizes protein and creates nonessential amino acids
Magnesium: An essential mineral necessary for energy production and transport, as well as supporting protein synthesis, bone growth, flexibility, and the maintenance of the pH of various organ systems.
Juniper Berry: Naturally stimulates the kidneys to move fluids faster.
Potassium: As an electrolyte, it aids in the maintenance of enzyme structures and fluid balance.
Dandelion Extract: An extremely effective diuretic that does not cause the side effects of mineral depletion. It contains powerful diuretic compounds called taraxasterols that support the secretion of excess water as well as bitter compounds that enhance the efficiency of the body's eliminative and detoxifying functions.
WHAT IT DOESSafely helps flush out excess water while replenishing essential electrolytes to help maintain muscle performance and fullness.