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IMMUN-ER - support for the body's immunityImmun-er is a complex food supplement designed supporting immunity. Vitamins A, B6, C and D, and zinc contribute to normal functioning of immune system.The individual components have the following functions:InosineA chemical compound, associated mainly with AMP, of which it is a precursor (ATP may form from AMP).GlutamineAn endogenous amino acid, used by the cells of the immune system in large quantities. For this reason, during periods of reduced immunity, illness, exhausting efforts, one's daily diet might not cover the huge demand for glutamine.Glutamine performs a wide range of functions within the body. Large amounts of glutamine are also used by the digestive system, the correct functioning of which also affects immunity.Turmeric and ginger extractsSources of active substances: curcumin and gingerols, which have been used in folk medicine for centuries, because it was believed that their use can limit the development of bacteria in the body.Vitamins: C, D, A, B 6 and magnesium and zincDeficiency of these key vitamins and minerals, which can result from: a deficient/eliminating/unvarying diet, lack of sun for vitamin D, intensive lifestyle, can increase the body's susceptibility to infections. Therefore, during periods of reduced immunity (e.g. the autumn-winter season), it is suggested to implement additional nutritional sources of these vitamins or supplement them. The advantage of Immun-er is the high dose (1,000% of the suggested daily requirement) of vitamin D (2,000 IU), which helps to keep bones healthy, and zinc (10mg), which helps protect cells from oxidative stress. IMMUN-ER is a multi-component supplement which can be used in periods of body weakening or high intensity of stress factors in life (e.g.: illness, intensive efforts, exploiting work, long lasting fatigue, sleep problems, unbalanced diet...).IMMUN-ER is a comprehensive food supplement to strengthen the immune system. 1) Vitamins A, B6, C, D and zinc contribute to the normal function of the immune system.Recommended daily portion is 6 g.