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Yamamoto Nutrition Insulomin-R is a food supplement providing plant extracts (berberis, bitter melon, gymnema, Chinese cinnamon), with chromium and R-alpha-lipoic acid. Chromium contributes to the maintenance of normal blood glucose levels and to regular macronutrient metabolism. Moreover, gymnema extract supports appetite control. Insulomin-R is enhanced with R-alpha-lipoic acid.We re well aware nowadays that over prolonged periods of time, diets with excessive amounts of carbohydrates decrease insulin sensitivity, leading to a loss of the effective use of carbohydrates ingested, and a progressive tendency not only to the accumulate fat, but also towards more significant systemic inflammation. Furthermore, the relationship between insulin levels and a cell s sensitivity to its action is unclear. Continuous levels of hyper insulinaemia can, over time, cause alterations in the effective use of carbohydrates, and in their metabolism by muscle cells, with a down regulation of expression of the fat oxidation gene. The more powerful the insulin response is, the more resistant muscle cells in particular will become to its effects, causing an excess of the unused circulating glucose being converted into triglycerides via de novo lipogenesis . These triglycerides then go to construct storage material in adipose tissue and feed an altered metabolic situation that runs contrary to the objectives of any athlete, in terms of muscle building, weight loss, and health in general. Therefore, the fundamental objective for any athlete who wants to maintain proper nutrients partitioning , i.e. an efficient distribution of nutrients, in muscle cells in particular, is to take action to maintain a high insulin sensitivity, primarily through training and dietary interventions, but also with the support of effective supplements, such as the so-called Glucose Disposal Agents . These GDAs are dietary supplements that help the body absorb carbohydrates more efficiently and direct them towards the formation of muscle and liver glycogen. They support the work and intensity of insulin itself, improving muscle cell sensitivity, and encouraging the ingested carbohydrates to convert into new muscle glycogen, thereby optimising training performance and promoting muscle recovery. They not only help stabilise blood glucose levels and promote the release of insulin, but also act as an actual vehicle , which attempts to open the doors on muscle cells to carbohydrates, as well as promoting recovery processes and thermogenesis.INSULOMIN-R is the most innovative and complete of these, but above all it s the most effective Glucose Disposal Agent we can find, and thanks to its effective, synergistic elements, favours carbohydrate meals being used to build new muscles and assist in the processes of thermogenesis. Like a true GDA , all of its elements are used to ensure the insulin the pancreas releases when eating a carbohydrate-rich meal, can can act in a less disrupted way, and helps to ensure it is carried towards muscle cells and is well received ,which improves the recovery phase and makes the muscle building phase more effective, as very often it is susceptible to an excessive accumulation of carbohydrates which the body used badly and converts into adipose tissue. This doesn t mean you can just use all of our nutritional products and carry on eating what you want, but thanks to INSULOMIN-R, you can combat poor use of carbohydrates due to an altered insulin resistance and promote the metabolic health of cells, refreshing , re-sensitising and significantly restoring the effects of insulin and those of correct carbohydrate absorption.We all know efficient use of glucose by muscle cell affects all of our objectives in the gym, from muscle recovery and optimising thermogenesis to athletic performance whilst training, even to the most strenuous muscle pumping. Every Yamamoto nutrition product is the result of research studies and evaluations by our Research and Development sector, which ensures we produce an excellent, safe to use product for even the most demanding of athletes, with elements that are of proven scientific value and certified safe. That s exactly how INSULOMIN-R was created, the new, latest generation Glucose Disposal Agent, which has been formulated with the elements that offer our bodies most support in managing, controlling and optimally conveying glycaemic instabilities, thanks to its insulin mimetic action, its power stimulation of endogenous insulin and its potentiating actions on muscle cell insulin sensitivity. The elements that give power to the activities of INSULOMIN-R are: Berberine, Bitter Melon, Cinnamon, Gymnema Sylvestre, Chromium Picolinate and R-Lipoic Acid. United in this synergy, we can achieve a strengthening of natural insulin action, favouring a flow of glucose towards the muscle cells, with less likelihood of it being converted and stored in the adipose tissue, a genuine carb partitioner .Berberina can t help but be the star of these GDAs - its a powerful alkaloid that boasts an action mechanism that affects AMPK activation, which is now well known in the scientific literature. AMPK (Adenosine Monophosphate activated Protein Kinase) is a ubiquitous enzyme that plays a key role in cellular energy metabolism. Activation of AMPK has as its main effects: stimulation of hepatic fatty acid oxidation and ketogenesis, inhibition of cholesterol synthesis, lipogenesis (formation of fat) and the synthesis of triglycerides, stimulation of fatty acid oxidation in skeletal muscle, glucose uptake by muscles, and finally modulation of insulin secretion by pancreatic beta cells. So it s not just a carb partitioner, but an element that works in favour of the disposal of fatty acids and counteracting their formation. AMPK is expressed in a number of tissues, including liver, brain and skeletal muscle, where it acts as a general metabolic switch that regulates various intra-cellular systems, including cellular glucose uptake, the beta-oxidation of fatty acids and biogenesis of the glucose membrane transporter 4 (GLUT-4). Result: more carbohydrates are used at their best by muscle cells, or stored as glycogen in the muscle and liver to support recovery from training and lower the possibility of conversion into fatty acidsA new item for enhancing the activity of carb partitioner is melono amaro, or bitter melon , which is used in traditional Chinese and Indian medicines, as well as by the populations of South America and Africa. Mormodica Charantia has been investigated by increasingly interesting and significant studies, for treating diabetes and traditional uses, and the latest scientific evidence has confirmed it as one of the most promising plants for treating diabetes today, directed towards improving the problems of insulin resistance that are perhaps produced by prolonged hyperglycaemia or the consumption of large amounts of sugar over a long time (typical in the mass phases). It stimulates and strengthens insulin secretion itself, thanks to a complex of action mechanisms including activation of AMP-K and inhibition of the activity of PTP1B, a protein tyrosine phosphatase that hydrolyses phosphotyrosine on the insulin receptor, which induces deactivation of the receptor itself and consequently the onset of insulin resistance, even in type 2 diabetes, by increasing GLUT-4 type glucose membrane transporters. A powerful insulin-sensitising effect which, combined with that of the insulin stimulator itself, results in a marked hypoglycaemic action and synergistic support for the optimal use of carbohydrates.Cinnamon is well known not only as a spice but because of its ability to keep blood sugars low after meals via various mechanisms, such as inhibiting the pancreatic enzymes that digest starch, malt, sucrose, as alpha-amylase, maltase, and intestinal sucrase. Digestive enzymes, being inhibited by the cinnamon, do not digest the sugars and starches introduced by the meal and as a result, absorption of glucose into the blood is slowed down. It has a very important activity in sensitising IRS-1 receptors to insulin, which allows a greater number of GLUT-4 receptors to emerge on the cellular surface. All of which favours further support to the aim of INSULINOMIN-R: which is to improve the vehicle and the use of carbohydrates that we ingest, both during the muscle tissue building phases and during weight loss. In this regard, Cinnamon helps further by stimulating the secretion of GLP-1 integrin, as well as stimulating the pancreas to produce more insulin, and slowing gastric emptying and glucose absorption from the intestines into the blood.Gymnema Sylvestre, a climbing plant that s native to India and widespread, especially in the tropical areas of Africa, Asia and Australia, is acquiring a huge amount of reknown due to its special characteristics. Both Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine have always exploited its qualities, but in the West, this plant is still relatively underestimated, little known and little used, despite its marked hypoglycemic effects and appreciable contribution to weight control, which has only recently aroused so much interest.The leaves of the gymnema plant contain active ingredients that include polyphenols and triterpene glycosides (the most important of which is the gimnemic acid A1), that bind reversibly to glucose receptors in the intestinal tract, thereby reducing the absorption of sugars introduced by food. Blockage of glucose receptors occurs one hour after the gymnema is taken, and lasts several hours. It s a very interesting fact that the scientific literature even suggests that in parallel to this, the substances in the leaves of the gymnema stimulate regeneration of pancreatic endocrine cells and the production of insulin. On the one hand, body cells will absorb less glucose, andon the other hand, the sugar ingested is more easily converted into fuel for the body: in this way, gymnema is a valuable support for those who tend to have higher blood sugar levels than normal, as well as for athletes who need help during phases of weight loss. In addition, Gymnema sylvestre is a valuable ally for anyone who is a victim of the type of nervous hunger attacks that often strike during the pre-contest phases, as from the instant that the gurmarina - in which the leaves are rich - binds to the taste receptors on the tongue, the perception of a sweet taste is cancelled, and the desire for foods based on sugars is reduced.Thanks to strong training in the field, INSULOMIN-R contains chromium in a picolinate formulation, which is absorbed more easily than inorganic forms, and a little r-li acid so it has a further ally in stimulating insulin, carbohydrate metabolism and thus glycaemic control.Those who choose Yamamoto products are seeking scientific excellence for maximum support in achieving results, and the innovation of new formula NSULOMIN-R is yet another example, destined to become a powerful ally to targeted nutrition and support muscle recovery and reconstruction, obtained by a combination of science and sports nutraceuticals applied to athlete s service, in both the muscle building phases with a high calorie intake (particularly carbohydrates), and in weight loss phases in particular.