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L-Glutathione, 250mg

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ZeinPharma L-glutathione capsules provide you with reduced highly-dosed L-glutathione in enteric-coated capsules. In addition, the L-glutathione is protected by ascorbic acid. The bioavailability is thus greatly increased in contrast to conventional products.By adding ascorbic acid in the L-Glutathione capsules, the reduced, bioactive form is retained for you!Reduced L-glutathione gets oxidised very fast because it is very re-active. On the one hand, this is desired, on the other hand it should take place only in the body cells, not already on the way there.Therefore, ascorbic acid is added to L-glutathione. Ascorbic acid is probably more familiar to you as Vitamin C. It acts as an antioxidant and protects L-glutathione on its way into the body cells. Premature oxidation would limit its effectiveness. To prevent this from happening, it is protected from too early reaction by ascorbic acid.