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Magnesium Complex combines three forms of the essential mineral magnesium to collectively support cellular and metabolic health, muscle activity, cardiovascular function, and healthy cognition.Highly absorbable blend of three magnesium chelatesSupports healthy muscle function, relaxation, and energy productionPromotes healthy cardiovascular function, cognition, and moodLess likely to cause digestive discomfort than other forms of magnesiumNon-GMO and Certified VeganThe essential mineral magnesium plays a critical role in energy production, muscle function, cell signaling, and numerous other functions that promote optimal brain and heart health. Magnesium Complex combines three highly absorbable magnesium chelates�magnesium glycinate, magnesium aspartate, and magnesium taurinate�to support cellular and metabolic health, normal muscle activity and relaxation, cardiovascular function, and healthy mood and cognition.