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capsuled formulacomplex compositionarginine and Ca-AKGplant-derived active ingredientszincA vitamin complex for masculine needs!Men's Arginmax was developed for men who want more than a vitamin supplement.Serving size (6 capsules):1,814 mg L-arginine HCl1,518 mg calcium AKG100 mg Korean ginseng root extract100 mg American ginseng root extract50 mg Ginkgo biloba extract11 vitamins2 mineralsMen's Arginmax is an exotic plant-based supplement developed for men, with arginine, AKG, 11 vitamins and minerals.The 11 vitamins include the most popular water-soluble members of the B vitamin family (vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7 and B12), as well as vitamin C and folic acid. As regards fat-soluble vitamins, the product contains vitamins A and E.The contained are selenium and zinc. Zinc contributes to maintaining normal levels of testosterone in blood.Like all BioTech USA products, Men's Arginmax consists of safe and carefully selected ingredients.