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Yamamoto Research Multivita DONNA is a nutritional supplement of vitamins and minerals, with other nutritional elements, designed specifically for adult women of all ages, as a support for the wellbeing of the body. Multivita DONNA is a source of vitamins B1, B12 and niacin that contribute to normal psychological function and to the regular functionality of the nervous system. Folic acid, vitamins B6 and B12 support normal homocysteine metabolism. Furthermore, folic acid contributes to the growth of maternal tissue during pregnancy. Vitamin C assists the formation of collagen for the normal function of skin blood vessels.Multivita DONNA is also indicated as a support for the care of hair (biotin) and healthy nails (zinc, selenium), the regular pigmentation of hair and skin (copper) and the protection of cells from oxidative stress (vitamin E, manganese, selenium).The multivita DONNA formula has been enriched with other nutritional factors, in particular SAME, lutein, hyaluronic acid and coenzyme Q10.It is a mixture of vitamins specially formulated for women, including minerals and other elements specifically combined to ensure an adequate daily intake of micronutrients in cases of increased physiological needs or reduced intake with normal diets.