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Nordic Flora Probiotic Woman blends 7 probiotic strains (15 billion CFU) with prebiotics, and D-mannose to help balance vaginal flora and support urinary tract health.Why You'll Love It15 billion CFU; 10 mg Prebiotic FOS7 research-backed probiotic strains plus prebiotics and D-Mannose, formulated specifically for women400 mg D-MannoseNo refrigeration needed; perfect for travelAllergen-free, vegan, and non-GMONo dairy, wheat, gluten, or soyNordic Flora Probiotic Woman combines research-backed probiotic strains with prebiotics and D-Mannose to provide comprehensive support for women's health. Seven research-backed probiotic strains help balance the intestinal and vaginal microbial environments, while prebiotic FOS helps nourish beneficial intestinal microbes. D-Mannose from fruit helps support a healthy urinary tract. Allergen-free and non-GMO, this female-focused formula remains stable without refrigeration, making it perfect for travel or the office.THE HIGHEST STANDARDSEverything we make is non-GMO and third-party tested, surpassing the strictest international standards for purity and freshness. Certificates of Analysis are available for any product.