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What is Doctor's Best PepZin GI?Doctor's Best PepZin GI is a complex of zinc and L-Carnosine which is beneficial in supporting healthy gastric function. PepZin GI acts by supporting the integrity of stomach cells and promotes healthy mucus secretions from stomach cells while maintaining a healthy bacterial balance in the GI tract. Doctor's Best PepZin GI helps relieve occasional gastric discomfort.
How does it work?PepZin GI uses a special chelated form of the mineral zinc has a unique ability to exert its effects directly on the cells of the stomach lining. When zinc is complexed to L-Carnosine, it dissociates in the stomach at a slower rate. This prolonged existence allows it to maintain its gastric support effect over a longer period of time. PepZin GI may help maintain the bacterial balance of the stomach and GI tract. Studies suggest that the zinc-L-Carnosine supports the bacterial balance in the stomach as well as help maintain a healthy mucosal lining.
Why should I take Doctor's Best PepZin GI?Over 60 million Americans have digestive health issues. Doctor's Best PepZin GI can help relieve occasional gastric discomfort as it promotes a healthy stomach lining and stomach environment. Studies have shown improvement in multiple symptoms including occasional heartburn, tenderness, diarrhea, and constipation.