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The Natural Performance range.PhD Nutrition have been creating protein and performance nutrition innovations since 2006 and have once again raised the bar with the launch of the new Natural & Superfood range of active nutrition. The Natural performance range fits the ethos of the PhD brand perfectly, PhD have always been about clean and transparent nutrition, delivering on a brand belief that "nutrition from foods comes first", supplementation comes second, but together- the effects can be astounding.
We at PhD are very clear in our stance with regards to the natural range of products versus the regular PhD performance range, which does not always contain natural flavourings and sweeteners and often delivers a more indulgent and sweeter taste, whilst using whey and milk sources. You can and should benefit from both approaches and if you are searching for the most well-rounded benefits from your sports nutrition intake, then you absolutely should combine whey with plant proteins and meat with fish and whole foods.
That is not to say anyone following a vegan lifestyle and a more free-from approach is not optimal, it's just not who PhD are. We just believe in GREAT nutrition that maximises health and performance benefits, full stop. Whether this is derived from plant or dairy, we leave the lifestyle choices up to you and do not judge. If you follow a vegan lifestyle, you will benefit massively from using Protein Superfood� and if you don't, then guess what- you'll also gain massive benefits from using the product.
Protein Superfood supplies over 14g of protein per 25g serving (double up to give you a serious protein hit), derived exclusively from plant sources such as pea, hemp and brown rice, with super healthy greens and whole food powders like sweet potato and pumpkin providing clean and nutritious carbohydrates and fibre.
Protein Superfood contains an unrivalled formula targeted at assisting any individual seeking great nutrition from natural ingredients. Containing a blend of super-healthy greens (including organic spirulina, kale and broccoli), Protein Superfood also provides matcha tea, yerba mate and tiger nut powder, amongst a huge list of good-for-you natural nutrition. Protein Superfood is a great alternative to dairy protein sources such as whey protein and milk protein, but can just as easily be used alongside them to ensure a balanced and versatile nutritional plan.