Pyrocycline TCI

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HOW IT WORKS ?PYROCYCLINE TCI is a pure and effective formula, scientifically developed to promote the oxidation of fats (1) and regulate their destocking (2), to help control weight (3), to promote thermogenesis (4) and increase fat energy (5). PYROCYCLINE TCI is a technical and superior product, resulting from CORGENIC research for demanding athletes with the goal of weight loss and fat burning. PYROCYCLINE TCI is gelatin-free, titanium dioxide-free, dye-free. PYROCYCLINE TCI is 100% vegan, its capsules are vegetable.FOR WHO ?PYROCYCLINE TCI is a product reserved for adults which is suitable for both women and men, athletes as well as non-athletes.WHAT PURPOSE ?And elimination of fat-oxidation-Thermogenèse and energy-Control weightWHEN?In times of slimming, dry or weight loss goals, use PYROCYCLINE TCI before the two main meals of the day, or before training.PROVEN ACTION(1), (4) green tea promotes fat oxidation and thermogenesis, (2) coleus forskohlii helps regulate fat loss, (3) cayenne pepper helps control weight, (5) caffeine is stimulating and helps you feel more energetic.