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Get Rid of Excess Water Weight Quickly and Safely - Get Shredded!- Accelerate the safe loss of water weight- Maintain healthy electrolyte balance/hydration- Amplify fat burning- All-natural ingredients
Get Ultra-Shredded with More Than Just Fat LossWhen it comes to pre-contest condition, photo shoots, or even making a stunning impression on vacation, it's all about preparation. It can take months to get in your best shape, but those last few days are crucial for peaking in shredded condition. Even if you've managed to shed all your excess body fat, a layer of water can blur all of your hard-earned results.
Dietary changes can sometimes help, but they often backfire. Other methods of shedding water can simply be dangerous.
Use Natural Compounds to Get Contest-ReadySHREDDED contains a pharmaceutical extract of uva-ursi standardized for 30% arbutin to help fight physique-blurring water retention. Arbutin is a natural diuretic with a long history of use for treating urinary tract infections. This means that it helps safely flush the body of excess water at crucial times, such as before a contest, photo shoot, or beach vacation.
Urtica dioica, or stinging nettle root, prevents testosterone from binding to SHBG (sex hormone-binding globulin). That keeps more free testosterone in your bloodstream, so SHREDDED also helps your muscle-toning efforts while eliminating extra fat quickly and efficiently by inhibiting the aromatase enzyme.
Taraxacum extract from dandelion root had numerous health benefits, including its ability to clear waste products from kidneys, prevent water retention, detoxify the liver, and replenish potassium.
SHREDDED also contains a combination of pharmaceutical caffeine and green tea extract with 60% EGCG, which makes it a potent thermogenic agent. Along with energy and focus, caffeine has the added bonus of releasing stored fat to be used as energy, and it adds to the water-shedding effects of this potent and safe formula.
Evodiamine is the compound that tops off the transformative effects of SHREDDED by increasing catecholamine production. This amplification of cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP) increases not only fat oxidation but also protein metabolism and carbohydrate metabolism, making your dietary efforts pay off even more.
Make jaws drop when people see your new, lean body with SHREDDED, the safest and most effective way to shed every last bit of fat and water in order to reach your absolute peak conditioning.