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Skin Restoring Ceramides

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The ceramides naturally present in our skin give it that young, supple appearance. Wheat contains these same ceramides, but you can't get enough from wheat in your diet to make a difference. Skin Restoring Ceramides is a convenient oral supplement that smooths the appearance of wrinkles, hydrating and revitalizing your skin from within.
Benefits at a Glance:
Smooths the appearance of fine lines and wrinklesPromotes healthy skin hydration and comfortEncourages healthy ceramide levels in aging skinDelivers 350 mg of gluten-free ceramides per servingContains concentrated, clinically studied wheat ceramides
More facts about Skin Restoring Ceramides
Ceramides play an important part of your skin's role as a protective barrier, helping to bind together the cells that make up the surface of your skin.1-3 These nourishing oils help retain moisture and protect your skin. But ceramide levels naturally decrease as we age � making it hard to maintain smooth, supple, healthy skin as we get older.
Smoother, healthier-looking skin
In a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial, healthy women took 350 mg of ceramide extract once a day for 12 weeks. At the end of the study, these women experienced a smoothing of wrinkles, improved skin hydration and objectively smoother, healthier-looking skin. And many subjects reported healthy-looking skin eight weeks after the study's end, demonstrating a lasting benefit from ceramide supplementation.
Improved skin hydration and comfort
In a different double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial, 50 healthy women took 350 mg of ceramide oil every day for 3 months. They showed measurable improvements in skin hydration on their arms and legs, and reported smoother, suppler, and healthier-looking skin. In another study, clinical evaluation found marked improvements in skin scaling and roughness, and a dramatic reduction in itching in the ceramide group compared to placebo. Electrochemical analysis revealed significantly improved hydration in the ceramide group as well.
Support healthy skin from within
Our Skin Restoring Ceramides is made with the exact same ultra-pure ceramide wheat oil as the above studies. So add Skin Restoring Ceramides to your daily beauty regimen, and nourish your skin from within.