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Sparta Nutrition - Kraken Black 320g

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Sparta Nutrition’s Kraken Black is an extremely stimulating pre workout. This pre workout must be taken in the recommended dosage for the maximum experience and make you feel like a spartan.

This pre workout is the follow up to the world leading kraken workout which was world leading pre workout and was recognised for its intense stimulation. This “intense stimulation” has been increased in Kraken Black and this will take your training to the next level. When it comes to pre workout this is an unmatched energy source and is said to be the worlds most intense but balanced pre workout experience. It is also available in many delicious flavours like sour gummy bear, bombsicle and many more.

It is recommended this product is not taken by beginners as its one of the most potent pre workouts on the market. The fact that the pre workout was named Kraken after the monster gives you an idea of how potent this product is.


Serving Size: 1 Scoop

Servings Per Container: 40

Niacin 25mg

L-citrulline 2g

Beta alanine 1.6g

HydroMax 1g

Caffeine anhydrous 175mg

B-phenylamine HCI 150mg

Higenamine HCI 25mg

Hordenine HCI 25mg

Cocoa seed extract 12.5mg