Stain-Away Toothpaste

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The Himalaya Gum Expert range of toothpastes has Miswak and natural astringents which ensure your gums and enamel remain healthy and protected. Stain-Away Toothpaste is a unique herbal formulation that uses Plant Enzyme Technology, to gently remove stains from tea, coffee and cigarettes. This effective combination of Papaya and Pineapple enzymes also helps prevent plaque build-up to give a stain-free smile.3 shades lighter teeth in 4 weeksPlant Enzyme Technology from Papaya and PinnapleEffectively removes stains caused by tea, coffee and smokingNo chemical bleachRegular brushing will help prevent tea, coffee and smoking stainsHelps prevent plaque build-upLong lasting fresh breathFluoride free100 % Vegetarian