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Yamamoto Research Termoned is a dietary supplement made from plant extracts (garcinia, bitter orange, coleus, guggul, white willow, guarana) and caffeine, with vitamins B1, B2, and B12.It is suitable for adults and proposed as a low-calorie diet aid for weight management and reduction*.Vitamin B1 contributes to normal heart function and, together with vitamins B2 and B12, to energy-yielding metabolism.Caffeine helps to improve concentration and to increase alertness, and vitamins B2 and B12 contribute to the reducing fatigue.We all know that eating well and healthily, assisted by regular physical activity, are key aspects of health in general and essential factors for those whose further goal is also to lose weight for aesthetic reasons. That said, sometimes even a proper diet and exercise may not be sufficient for achieving the results you seek, for breaking down those unsightly "strongholds" of fat that are difficult to eliminate. For this, numerous more or less effective "thermogenic" supplements have been developed and disseminated that affect an increase in metabolic performance, promoting the release and better use of deposited fatty acids. These supplements consist of a variety of herbal supplements and other natural ingredients such as those contained in "Termoned", which contains an effective balanced blend of completely natural elements that will work together to help us burn more fat, thanks to a increased energy expenditure both during exercise and during rest, provided they are accompanied by a specific diet. Basically, the more energy spent = more calories burned, which sometimes results in loss of lean mass and consequent weight loss, but without believing that these supplements, while they are effective, work "miracles", allowing us to eat anything and in excessive quantities.Yamamoto Research presents a very valid support in our search for a better physical form with "Termoned", but always to be used as an adjuvant (never as a substitute) in low-calorie diets aimed at controlling and reducing weight.