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TURBO RIPPERSTRONG AND SISTAINED STIMULATION!HIGH DOSES OF SUSTAINED RELEASE CAFFEINE, ACETYL L-CARNITINE, GREEN TEA, & MORE!TURBO RIPPER gives you many of the ingredients you know and love - in significant doses! We have L-Carnitine and not just ordinary L-Carnitine, but the more complex Acetyl L-Carnitine (ALC) in a whopping dose - you probably won't want to take Carnitine separately!
Nor do you have to take any of the other ingredients TURBO RIPPER provides in one single serving: Catechin rich Green Tea extract; Tyrosine that is the precursor to many important hormones and neurotransmitters. Also, TURBO RIPPER gives you a serious Caffeine jolt of 200 milligrams per serving from various sources, including the trademarked NEWCAFF microencapsulated, sustained release Caffeine! It is a new Caffeine delivery system, which releases its total Caffeine content over approximately 4 hours.