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Pure Xylitol PowderSugar alcohol found naturally in fruitsPleasant, Cooling Sweetness w/o Aftertaste2/3 Calories of Sugar2.5 less calories per gramPerfect For Sugar-Restricted/Low-Carb DietsTwo Convenient Sizes: 8 and 16 oz.
Xyli Pure is xylitol, a naturally-occurring polyol, a 5-carbon sugar alcohol found in many fruits and vegetables. Xylitol has roughly the same sweetness as sugar with 40% fewer Calories.Xyli Pure features:- Pleasant, cooling sweetness with no aftertaste- Provides 40% fewer Calories than sugar � about 2.5 Calories per gram- Ideal for people on sugar-restricted or low-carb dietsXyli Pure is a great replacement for sugar in all your favorite recipes!